The Fault in Our Stars

Googled for posters

Googled for posters

All of you must have experienced this I am sure – you never like the movie, when you have already read the book. I knew nothing about this bestseller unless it was recommended as a movie by someone. As I could not catch the movie on the theatre, I borrowed the pirated print from a friend.

I am sure that the book is beautiful. But I was thanking my stars that I did not decide to go for the book (okk, don’t kill me for saying this), I am less of a book person and more of a movie person. I was again thanking my stars for not being able to catch the movie on a theatre; I would have been a social embarrassment. When I had started believing that I have become an emotionless, there came a movie which made me cry with bucket full of tears. I couldn’t watch the movie in one go. I was watching the movie on the laptop…alone and was choking to breathe.

Yes, the movie is about cancer but it focuses on life and love than the terrible disease. It was magical; how Gus would just look at Hazel and without saying a word, just with his breath he would convey his love for her. Teen age love…Sigh! I thought I grew over it, but I guess I over estimated myself.

Another friend watched it on my recommendation and the next day she brought up a point for my opinion.

What is more unfortunate – finding the love of your life and not being able to spend your life with him/her OR not being able to find that someone in your entire life?

To me, though both the situations are sad; the former is more unfortunate.

What do you think? And why?

PS. Though I believe that at the end of the day one should not wait for someone else to make him/her feel loved or better, but after watching this movie I wish each one of us must meet the Augustus Waters of our lives. Even if it is for one day, cos I know that that one day would be enough to survive through the remaining days of life.

Google again!

Google again!

6 years and counting…


Six years, more than half a decade of being a blogger!!!

When I look back; I do feel that yes, things have changed in terms of how I look at my blog. From an emotional blogger who would keep noting down the shift in mood each day on her blog to someone who writes occasionally, about things that she actually wants to share.

So does that mean that there are no emotions or mood swings?

Hell No!!!

That would happen only when I am dead.

Sometimes these emotions are shared on Facebook, sometimes on Whatsapp, few of the times on mails, a few other times here on the blog, many a times on phone with a friend and most of the times with a friend in person.

Blogging has been a blessing in terms of a few good friends that I have met through my blog – directly or indirectly. It was just yesterday, I was telling a friend how I have ‘forced’ a lot of friends into ‘writing’. Not exactly for the blog (to some I did this too) but to write. I consider writing to be a therapy, which helps an individual in a lot of ways. I have mentioned earlier here on this blog that sometimes it has nothing to do with ‘how well you write’, you should just write…for yourself and your sanity.

“I Quote”

हाँ इन पँखो से उड़ान भरती हूँ मैं
बहुत बार हुआ
अब उँचाइयो से गिरने से नहीं डरती हूँ मैं

पंख बाँध भी दे गर दुनिया मेरे तो क्या
दिखाउंगी उनको हर बार
कि अपने इरादों से उड़ान भरती हूँ मैं

Pic searched through google

Pic searched through google

“I Quote”

खुद को खुद ही से गुमा आई हूँ मैं
जिसे जपा दिन रात बरसों तक
उसी नाम को, उसी शिद्दत से
एक पल में भुला आई हूँ मैं

The Wait

Give time some time.. Pic Source: A click by me.

Give time some time..
Pic Source: A click by me.

Some are waiting for the fire to end,
Some are waiting for the spark to light.

Some are waiting for the dawn to break,
Some are waiting for the night to fall.

Some are waiting for the moment to pass,
Some are waiting for the life to start.

Some are waiting for the winters to end,
Some are waiting for the clouds to bend.

Some are waiting for the pain to stop,
Some are waiting for the spell to break.

Some are waiting to fall out, while
Some are waiting to fall in.

Sometimes there is no substitution of “wait”.
Just remember one thing while you do so…
“This too shall pass”

~ G ~