Two minus One

The pic was googled.

The pic was googled.

I have spent quite a few years at my current accommodation. A few steps down the lane, there is a small set up of one of the oldest couple (for their age) I came across. The wife would collect the clothes to be ironed from the neighborhood and the husband would iron the clothes. Sometimes vice-verse. The lady once told me the name of the place in Delhi where they lived with their family. It was quite far from the area that I live in, 2 hours approximately by bus. I often wondered why they traveled such a long distance just to iron clothes of 8-10 households. I could never find the reason.

Anyway, the reason of this post is not this. I just wanted to share about this couple who must be in their 80s, commuting for 4 hours everyday on an average, the money they must have earned wasn’t too great but enough for the two of them, who were still together and who still cared for each other. I sometimes speculated if theirs was a love marriage or an arranged one. The lady seemed the pampered one, a brat and often was too straight forward in conversation that it would surprise one. She talked a lot, while the man was quite shy and spoke less. They were seen sharing a beedi many a times. The sight was rather amusing; they looked less like husband and wife, and more like partners in crime.

They stopped working a few months back and their son took over. Got to know that the husband wasn’t keeping well and hence, they were advised to stay at home during harsh winters. Their son came to work after a week or so. My maid often handed over the bundle of our to-be-ironed clothes to him and hence knew him. This afternoon she told me that while generally inquiring about his absence he shared that his mother passed away. The news made me recall this couple and this lady who was quite bold for her era. May her soul find peace and her husband, the strength to survive in her absence. Amen!


When I became a Bua…

For long I wanted to write about a lot of things that have taken place of late…some good, some not so good…

For long I wanted to write to sort out the clutter in mind …some fixable, some not so fixable…

For long I wanted to write, just to write and let it out

For long I waited … write!

Though technically there shouldn’t be any waiting, but with the kind of schedule that I have…I couldn’t help but wait. So the good news is that a soul has emerged on this earth in a form of a baby boy who would lovingly be calling me Bua once he will start talking!

This is such an overwhelming feeling to witness how your careless, irresponsible sibling goes through phenomenal changes. We call the little one Veer and yes I am sure, he will be a step ahead of my brother in terms of braveness and fearlessness.

When I look at my bhai bhabhi, and a few more couple friends who chose to marry the ones they wanted to spend their lives with; I couldn’t stop thinking what if they were ‘influenced’ to marry someone their parents wanted them to marry?

That’s when I pity all those people who surrender to the emotional blackmail of xyz to agree to marry within their religion, caste, community etc. I feel like telling them that they are the ones who are stopping the growth of this world…they are the culprits. It is sad how two people perfect for each other, cannot be together because of parents, family, relatives, society, media, politicians, Obama, Mt. Everest, the cat, the dog, the letter box…so on and so forth. Are you getting my point? The point is that they will listen to any significant or insignificant person but would not listen to the most significant thing – their own heart!

By this I am not saying that we always make the right decisions, but if our decisions are proven wrong just because it involves a certain person who belongs to a certain ‘category’ (by birth)….then it sure is the right decision irrespective of how many times or by how many people you are being told it’s wrong. Those who are afraid to stand by their own decisions or even worst, are afraid to take decisions cos of the opposition … are the ones closing the door of better mindset for the coming generations.

As it was said in Mahabharata; (in my own words) the war did not happen because of those who were bad, but because of those who did not raise their voices and let it happen.

“…with great Power, comes great Responsibility!”

We do have the power to nourish our future generation by being an example, are we taking the responsibility seriously?

The day Veer was born; I could say with surety that he will be raised with the right values. He will be taught about equality and not to judge someone on the basis of their birth. He will be brought up with compassion, with the freedom to choose his path and will be guided well. I can foresee that tomorrow Veer will open the door for the betterment of human mindset just because he will be raised with an open mindset and with utter positivity.

Let the ‘Veer’ in you wake up!


Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible.

And out of this lot, from time to time; you meet people who make you look back in time to reflect and realize how life has changed. Something similar happened to me today.

When in school, I was a nerd….a geek (without the specs)!! Though I knew who all were in my class, but I seldom was a part of whatever they did. I hardly spoke to guys and whenever I did, it usually ended up in an argument with no conclusion…thus, putting a question mark to the next conversation. In the midst of those pretty girls who would get the roses, cards and chocolates on various occasions, I was a tomboy…whose tongue would paralyse when she had to talk to a guy. Moreover, these KJo sagas were not my cup of tea I believed.

In the meanwhile, in my mid teens I developed a huge crush on someone. When I recall all those stupid things that I did just to have a glimpse of him, I still smile. The tomboy girl began transforming into a feminine at heart. Those were the special years, every song would make me smile, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actually pumped the heart a little faster and made me cry too! Those were the most innocent days of life. Remember that feeling when your heart skip some beats when someone comes in the frame of your sight??


Believe it or not, these things make you smile till eternity.

Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I got to know about this earlier. But with time things change and I, for sure; have changed. I was talking to a class mate after ages and he confessed that he had a huge crush on me in school.


That was my first reaction. It was difficult to digest this new found thing about myself, that I was rather ‘cute’ for someone in school where I believe to have ‘portrayed’ a strong serious image. I wonder how these two images go hand-in-hand? We kept laughing for a while. I still am smiling and nodding my head in disbelief. He confessed a little too early in fact, I told him he could have taken some more time…should have waited till his daughter’s marriage, we could have talked in peace after that.

Jokes apart, it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone out there who would be smiling every time he would think about his childhood and one out the many reasons would be Me!

Coming back to what I said at the beginning, life has come a full circle….from someone who carried the burden of a huge inferiority complex to someone who is her favourite, life surely have changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would tell me after few years that they had a crush on me :P

….but then, why wait? ;)

It is better to have a life full of “Oh, Well…” instead if “Oh, I wish…”


Remembering you is not the case; the way I don’t have to ‘remember’ my name, in a short span of 5 and half years you became the part of my being. I celebrate you each day; I thank my life each day for bringing you. It wouldn’t have been possible if Sunny had not pestered Mom and Dad for you, and if they hadn’t surrendered to his stubbornness. You were the child of the family who we thought to nourish for long. Destiny has plans for everyone; it for sure had better ones for you. Irrespective of what we went through, we always prayed and still pray for your next journey to be fulfilling in each way.

Sometimes I feel that if ever (God forbid) I happen to lose my memory, you still will be there in one corner of my mind and occupying a huge space in my heart…making me smile at your innocence and possessiveness. You loved us unconditionally, something that each soul on this earth craves for. I wish each human being once in his/her life meets their Dino too.

God must have made some mistake when he was deciding on the number of years for humans and for dogs.

You closed your eyes for eternity on 1stDec2008, but twinkle of your eyes that you left behind shines in mine.

Love You …till eternity!