I am really fond of Bags…the Big ones…as they allow me to carry everything that I need and everything that I don’t need.

Yes…I don’t know how many of you have ever got a chance to see a girl’s Bag…it would be full of things that are being used once in a Blue moon…For example… a Phone Diary, a pouch full of lipsticks (which I hardly use), a lot of papers (some of my old Poems, some of my letters to God and some office ki raddi) etc etc…

Usually my Mom doesn’t like my choice of Bags (generation gap may be…cos I like my bags to spacious yet trendy), but there is this one bag in particular that she likes. I bought this one from Pantaloons in Feb. just after few days when my salary hit the account. Its Dark Brown in color and have fetched compliments from all my friends.

As it was my Parent’s marriage anniversary on Monday my Brother took my parent’s to Jaipur on Sunday (on my expense though) and exactly at that time my Mom wanted that Bag. She exchanged her Bag with mine, so all my stuff was shifted to her Bag. As I was suppose to be in office on Monday I needed a Bag…of my kind. I had a very old Bag (though it doesn’t look old is what I have realised now as I got compliments even for that one), I was just bored with it. I had to bring that one to office again. And now the final thing comes, my Mom forgot to shift my drawer keys. Hence, I was not able to drink coffee in my favourite mug (which I keep in my Drawer), I was not able to listen to one of my favourite songs that I recently got mailed (headset in drawer again) and a lot of other things besides these two.

Last night I made sure that I keep the keys, and now as I just had coffee in my Mickey Mouse Mug while listening to Socha Na Tha title track on PC; I concluded that this need a post

Happy Drinking (COFFEE ONLY ;o))



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