1.) Made by me one my hand after surfing through the net for a while…i like tattoos..cant get them permanently (the needle that they use scare me)…this way is safe n sound…i can change it frequently without any cost n pain :o)

2.) ye dhai gram ka haath jab kissi pe parta hai to bas logo ko gudgudee hoti hai :p

3.) Hum Paanch (The one in yellow churidar is mine)

4.) Doughnut (I SIMPLY LOVE THEM…yummmmyy)

5.) A Hotel in(n) Massouri, beautifully made (has to be….suggests the name ;o))


4 thoughts on “Captured

  1. 1. The drawing looks like an ad for a matrimonial website 😀
    2. Hahahahahaha….yes, Kudos to your humor 🙂
    3. its a recently developed fad of chicks to gang up and click their foot with the latest footwear on 😀
    4. Yum…yum…Try sometime a sugar doughnut with a serving of hot chocolate sauce on top of it. Purely divine!
    5. Reminds me of some scary hollywood movie where couples went in a honeymoon hotel and never came out alive

  2. @Mayank – Thanks fr the comments n a i actually think tht the tattoo wud b perrfct fr the matrimonial site…and yeah…i am not hypnotised by the chocolate yet…

  3. @Neelabh…Red nail paint is my fav too…it make hands look beautiful…bright and dark colors leaves the effect in a nice way…and it doesn’t look scary too…actually depends how you look at it…i think it looks sexy n hot..only if its carried nicely

    I was trying something else which dint work out the way i wanted…so Poems are back on the regular page…

    and The Theme….it would be changed soon…

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