I don’t know what I would be writing in next few minutes…it’s just that my mind is filled with too many questions right now..

“Though we cannot make a life with a blink of an eye, but surely…many can be destroyed”

B’lore and now Ahemdabad…tomorrow it might be Delhi, Mumbai or Shimla or Kanpur..but it surely would be one place where Smiles resides, where Love dwells, where Life plays…

Who gave some morons the authority to take a life… I don’t know if there is any God and if they ever be punished…

is it the Religion, the Territory, Money, Hatred…?? what is it that makes a bunch of people do something to this extent which leads to this stage where people are murdered?

Let it be any religion…or any territory…a soul has to wait for 9 months to come out of the Mother’s womb…no religion no borders can bring a change to this… it takes years to nurture a child…to bring them up… and how can someone take everything just in a moment..?

how could they face themselves..??

Soon we would be celebrating our Independence Day…when actually we are still the Slaves….


2 thoughts on “Why…???

  1. @Neelabh – there are very few things that we have a control on….every theme represent my mood…which keeps on changing

    Rather….Good still exists

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