Comment or a Compliment?

I am still not able to decided whether this one was the compliment or the comment…I was talking to friends about the school life and nostalgia caught me… and I started thinking about the ‘good old days’ of school… strange but true, I still remember this particular instance that took place when I was burning my head in Third Standard …Let me describe the whole scene:


You know how teachers struggle to improve student’s handwriting in Primary School, they get them fill calligraphy books and all. So, here was my Class, bad at handwriting and small font (that they used to write in) worked as cherry on the cake for the Teacher who already had specs. One fine day, when everybody was shouting in the Class and nobody was listening to anybody; this teacher calls a girl at the front, who was sitting quite at the last bench in the Class. This Teacher then makes everyone calm down and listen to her, she turns the girl towards the Class and ask them “Can everyone see her eyes??” Every kid shouted “YES Madam” and then she said “Good… now I want everyone to write as big and round as her Eyes.”

That girl was me…trying to calculate what I heard and how I was suppose to react.


PS. The Eyes up there in the header are mine.




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