There are days when you wanna SHOUT…this is one of those.

I don’t know how many times I have repeated it to myself that ‘I believe in Equality… I HATE everyone EQUALLY’

At last nothing could help so I’m back with MY kind of Moozik…LOUD & FAST…so that it can take out every piece of Shit from my Mind…

I need a Break BIG TIME…. I wanna hit the Dance Floor and just be there in the midst of Loud Moosik dancing & Shouting …till I drop…

And now as people around me (who are taking calls) are giving me weird looks, as may be they are forced to listen to what I’m listening to… I am FORCED to reduce the volume of my fav. Song.

No Worries….Tomorrow would be better…I’ll take a chill pill now.

PS. Its Comfortably Numb by Linking Park that I’m listening to right now….and I LOVE it…all I wanna do right now is Sing it the way they do…to make everyone around me run for their lives


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