Ufff….Ye Cab Delay

Many of you must have been through this situation.

But it’s like a cherry on the Cake when your cab is late while its raining…this is exactly what happened to me day before yesterday (Wednesday)

Though it was drizzling…but it was enough to drench someone who is waiting for the cab without shelter for half an hour.

Though I did not get drenched….though I did not wait for half an hour … but my cab was late….around 15min.

Me and Anu were standing outside the office building at the waiting area when we got to know that because the Rain Godwas so happy on Delhi/Gurgaon…the Traffic Jam God was also very happy. Our cab was struck in a jam, no idea when its going to come. We were trying if we could be clubbed with another cab…So what if I bought a Personal Pan Pizza (that to a veg one); which kept getting a new topping of baarish ka pani…though on the Box only 😛 and so what if I had a plan to eat it in the cab with Anu…I put those plans on stake for a cab which would be fully packed and there would not be a room even for legs. forget about eating the pizza… but atleast we would reach home on time (if Traffic Jam God let us though).

There was quite a crowd standing with us waiting for their respective cabs with the emotions of frustration, anger, helplessness on their faces… I was sympathizing with everyone including me while standing in the midst of nowhere… passing a helpless smiles on each other we were killing time…as soon as one would see a cab approaching near the guard stand all eyes would light up expecting that they might get a seat in that… and jab saari umeedo pe bearish ka pani fir jata it would be the same old helpless look flashing back on their faces…

There were few whose cab came…a ‘lil late.. and with sheer jealousy we saw them boarding the cab with the feeling of *Phew*… and I’m not sure if anybody else noticed, as soon as they fit into the cab and get comfortable, they look at you as if they are The Kings and The Queens of this world…and we are those small kids who knock at your car window when you are at a Red Light waiting for it to turn Green.

If you haven’t noticed it yet….wait till the next time you are waiting for the cab in the rain.

 PS. We got an Umbrella from one of the Guards who must be cursing us, but atleast for some time we were the Object of Jealousy for those who din’t have one 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ufff….Ye Cab Delay

  1. @Neelabh – ye daastaan office se ghar jaate time ki hai…office toh jitna late aao utna acchha hai (only when you have less work though)

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