A Trip to Ajmer

I know I know… that I have been away for quite a long time … can’t help it…was busy with office….

My Conscious: Cut the Crap its been just a week…come to the point….


Well… I was trying to post something for quite a long time (4 days precisely), the week was quite happening.

  • A Trip to Ajmer
  • Chokhi Dani the same day
  • Work Work & Work throughout the week
  • Meetings were the double cheese topping
  • Traffic Jams
  • Rains
  • I guess these are enough points to crib about…..

So let me start with the First thing first …. The Ajmer trip

So as everybody know that I was dying to go out on a trip I could not say No when my brother asked me to join him and his friends for the one day Ajmer trip…Ajmer-e-Sharif being one of the places that I always wanted to visit, I said Yes even when I was not given a notice of 24hrs.

So the plan shaped up like this….

My Bro called me up Saturday night at around 11:30 PM telling me to get ready to leave at 4:00 AM on the Sunday morning. And as I was going with him, my parents had no objection with this sudden plan. I hardly slept for 2-3 hours…got up at 3:45 AM got ready by 4:30 AM and we were on wheel to pick the other two for the trip.

By around 6:30 we crossed the Gurgaon Toll-plaza. We reached Ajmer at around 12:30 PM…it was a smooth road…it’s a recently built expressway from Jaipur road that goes till Ajmer, broad roads, mountains on both the sides with ample sunshine and 100kms/hr…it was a great journey.

As soon as we parked the car (Car Parking is also a business their) we headed towards the Dargah. I bought a chaadar and sweets for offerings.

Btw, all you guys who are planning to visit the place make sure that you avoid people who are going to a fool out of you, all they want is Money.

So as soon as we entered the Dargah, there was one person who automatically got himself assigned to our group. He was directing us where to go. When we reached the Mazaar that person direct to another person who was sitting there, asking us to hand over the chaadar that we bought to him. We sat there, he asked us to say whatever he was saying, it was a prayer and then asked us to pay any amount of offering (in terms of money) that we wish to make. When we were about to hand over the 100 Rupee note to him he said ‘The minimum amount of langar is 325 Rupees’ So instead of paying 325 each, all of us (4 in numbers) collectively paid 325.

After that I took the chaadar (yes, they did nothing but fooled us) and we turned to the door which lead to the Mazaar. The room was occupied at 100% capacity level. We managed to offer the chaadar made our prayers and then were asked to move on. It was one place where you are not required to make an effort to move as people filled in the room would make you reach the exit gate automatically.

We took a deep breathe when we came out, checked our belongings if they were safe (every person would warn you to be careful of pickpockets). Then as per the tradition we tied the dhaaga making a wish and moved on.

While going back to where we parked the car, we encountered many ladies who were after our lives to fetch some money from us. These people say anything these days, the most irritating thing is when you are with your brother and they say ‘Baba tumhari Jodi banaye rakhe’. Anyways, we made our way through the gali filled with these people. And finally reached the car and drove off to Jaipur. Yes, Ajmer was not enough we decided to tire ourselves even more.

Though it was a very short visit to Ajmer, though the experience became slightly bitter cos of the manner that we Indians behave, but even then I wish to go to that place again n again n again. Though the room was fully packed, I was wishing that it remain as it is and I never move out of that room. There was a chaadar which was exactly of the size of Mazaar, which I could not buy as it was quite expensive but I wish that next time when I go there I buy that one. I was smiling through out (even after being dead tired) as one of my long lived wishes came true.

Though I have made this post quite a lengthier one but even then I could not say what I wanted to cos I don’t know how to phrase the sentence to express how I actually felt.

Looking at the crowd there you would know k log kitna maante hain Khwaja ji ko, I wish that my wishes are granted too.



Here I got the pic…this is the Entrance..


4 thoughts on “A Trip to Ajmer

  1. @Neelabh – Hectic was one of the Synonyms for the Trip…and as you know the other one is coming up…I expect it to be less ‘hectic’ 😉

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