A Life less meaningful

It doesn’t rhyme, it might not make sense, but this is what I scribbled on the MS Word while thinking “Why am I so pissed today”….Don’t blame me for the torture…


Red is the color of the drop

Drop that’s coming out of the slit

Slit that has been made through a knife

Knife that just kissed my veins


Life is what I want to give up

Death is what I want to hug

Life is what I know about

Death is what I want to know


Red is the color of the pool

Pool of blood is what it is

Blood that’s still tripping down my arm

Arm that once moved


Life is what I want to leave behind

With some fond memories in people’s mind

I lived my life which was one of it’s kind

It was a life, meaning of which I couldn’t really find


4 thoughts on “A Life less meaningful

  1. As i was just starting to read ur poem..i pondered over the title for a while..whether its, “a Life Less meaningful”..or “Lifeless meaningful”..
    It makes sense to me both ways..lol
    I have read many of your poems..they have always been subtle yet meaningful..but this, i think belongs to a different genre altogether..

    Raw, Mortal and in the face 😀
    Hmm.yes you know how to write well..and most of all how to express well..

    do keep writing!!

  2. Thanks Vini for reading….

    waise i miss posting on IGT…I got used to some good, bad and ugly replies…some were nonsense too though…but I loved them all…but I guess its not the same place anymore…

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