Finally we are back…after rocking Nainital.

It was a great trip, we remained to be the Source of Entertainment for the people out there. We did all that which was not suppose to be done by grown up kids…from wierd photo sessions to sing out aloud (in public out of rythem), shouting, fighting, laughing etc etc….and these etc would be explained in detail in later posts…

as of now its only Mini who was fast enough to get the pics uplaoded, so here are a couple of them.

The cloud formation in process

Sight of Serenity

A bunch of hungry people trying to smile for the click (I have the widest Smile for the rest — “kya aap close-up karte hain??

Nainilake — all drenched in the rain

Devil in the Dark (me in one of the Caves in Cave Garden, don’t blame the Camera woman for bad light it was actually Dark in there)


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