Day 1 at Nainital

So it was early in the morning when we reached Kathgodam after a night’s journey from Delhi.

It was a Second Class (sleeper), thanks to late reservations. Though I planned not to sleep in the train, I could hardly resist it after a days work and due to less sleep the previous day. It was those ‘perfume factories’ on the way which made me get up every now n then and choke to breathe. Anyway, at least we were at a better place as compared to the rest of the group who got the seats in a different bogie and were forced to inhale the stinky smell of the washrooms near by.

After all these ‘hardships’ we managed to get our feet to Nainital.

As the rooms were not booked in advance we had to search for a nice Hotel too. So we asked the group to wait for us near the Lake while we go on Hotel hunting. The cabbie took us to numerous hotels, all rooms were so compact that we could hardly breathe. So keeping in mind that there would be around 4 people sharing one room we kept on going Hotel to Hotel. There was one thing common in all the hotels, the number of stairs. So you don’t have to worry about the calorie count as one would definitely burn thousands of them while climbing up even once

Finally we finalized a Hotel with a spacious room, facing the Lake. We struck to that one though it was slightly above our budget, but we dint want to take a chance and end up in some ‘Hotel Decent’ 😛

So we did a good bargain and ended up staying there for 2 days.

Thanks to the group, that we couldn’t even take a nap. Every time we try to sleep somebody would call up or ring the bell. So we had to give up on the sleep. We got up, got ready went down had lunch and headed towards the Ropeway around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It seemed that the rain was just waiting for us to reach the Top. We dint do anything except drinking Tea, cost of which came upto Rs. 1200 collectively. Rs.100 for the Ropeway ticked per Head, we were 11. We sat there for an hour, then waited for 30min more as it was raining Heavily and it was not recommended to use the Ropeway in such circumstances.

I bought an Umbrella the moment we got down and then it never rained again during our stay.

Pratima and Linda went crazy in the rain, pleading us to let them drench themselves in the rain. Though we tried to use our ‘TD Powers’, they managed to let some (in thousands) droplets land on them selves


As it was raining we came to our Hotel rooms and decided to stay there in the Evening. Playing Cards and Tambola

And that’s when the actual fun started.

Event 1 – Tambola

It was decided that who so ever would not win will have to dance, it saved all those who won Full House (there were 2 of them) top/middle/bottom line and corners.

And, those who get the full house can ask each one of the remaining lot to perform some act.

As a boring group everybody refused to do anything.

I was so bugged up as I won a Row and a Full House too.


Event 2 – Dare and Dare

No Truth only Dare was the funda.

So Nitin took a knife and rotated it. The person in whose direction it would stop was suppose to do whatever he/she was asked to.

Aise scene me I am always the first one to fasso-fy.

I was asked to do 5 push-ups, and I happily did them as I knew that going forward its going to go weird.

Pratima was asked to be a ‘murgi’ and shout kukdoo-koo 3 times

Anu was asked to dance.

Mini was asked to act like a ‘chhaka’

Nitin was asked to do a ‘mujra’ on namak ishq ka

Linda was asked to act like a vampire (relatively easy – I would have been a gold medalist in that)

Radhika was asked to enact Dharmendra, Sholey fame mausiji (which she did reeelly well…I cant forget the way she opened up the Thumbs-up bottle, just like a professional bevdi)

Rohit was suppose to get intimate with his in-the-act-girlfriend Shikhar


Sri the dulha and Sudhir the dulhansuhagraat hai ghoonghat utha rha hu mai’ scene (self explanatory)


Rohit and Shikhar we HILLARIOUS…as they came up with weird dialogues…initially they started fighting instead of getting ‘intimate’ so we have to remind them again and again…

Event 3 – The Skit

Skit 1

We divided ourselves in 3 teams. Each team was given a theme from the other one. They were given some time to prepare the skit.

As usual I was in team one and our topic was cross connection marriage

Mr. Sharma – Mini

Mr. Verma – Me

Riya – Shikhar

Priya – Rohit

we went bonkers while rehearsing for the same.

Shikhar was toooo funny acting as Mr.Sharma’s secy…and Rohit was too vocal..Mini’s accent and … i dont remember anything about me.

Skit 2

Second Team, whom we gave the instructions to.

Theme was — one guy roaming around with 3 girls but at the end finds out that the ‘L’ factor is predominant among the 3 girls

Rau – Nitin

Aau – Anu

Mau – Radhika

Lau – Linda

This was the only team to have ‘sound effects’ there was a scene when Rau starts the scooter and the girl sits at the back and they roam around. This scene was common with all the 3 girls and he chose ‘Ji Karda’ song to be played at the back ground.

Linda’s “Darling” would always be memorable.

And, Anu was in a different role altogether

Nitin, as usual, was the funniest among the lot

Skit 3

There theme was – A saas, and a bahu and a beta.

the problem was … there was No ‘waaris’

Do I need a graph for this…isn’t it pretty simple??

Saas – Sri

Bahu – Muscular Sudhir

Beta – Pratima The Rana

The best thing was, whenever the Saas was cursing the Bahu she had to strain her brain to think of some gaali within her…karamjali, kulta, etc etc

and of course, bahu looked heavier than the beta..

Phew..these were the major activities on the Day 1. after this we went for dinner at Machan, came back and decided to be comfortable and sleep. Though it was decided that sleep factor would come after the session of some talks but … my roomies were too sleepy to talk and they left me searching for some number I can call at 12 in the night to talk…of course it was no other than Shivani :o)


10 thoughts on “Day 1 at Nainital

  1. As I was the part of the Gang which went to Nainital…Garry is pretty decent in writing the blog as there was few Boys that were there in the gang. So boys being boys there were few indecent things as well that are not mentioned(keeping in mind the CODE OF CONDUCT). Blog by Garry express exactly the feeling and emotions we went through.
    Garry you rule…I think you have the patience to that long of blog..Hats of to you …hehehe…

    God Bless

  2. @ Nitin,,,,agar code of conduct follow na karti toh i would have fallen into the ‘Fix’….how to write…or we could do one thing…post the video….wot say??? 😉

  3. Amazing Trip with cool buddies…. hillarious and wonderful people…..
    Gary thanx 4 the blog I feel that I’m still in Nainital….

  4. @Mini… “un taalo ki sundarta inn ankhon se hatti hi nahi……”
    — LOL…ek se badkar ek nautanki hain hamari team me…

  5. @Neelabh — you know that I had time to kill…this was the BEST way :)… recalling some of the best moments that just passed by…


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