Teacher’s Day

I remember years back I was preparing to be a Teacher too…when I was in 12th std.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments for me….you all must be wondering why…isn’t it?

well…not because I was asked to be a Teacher I dint like at all…but because I was suppose to wear a sari…and being the plump kid of my parents I was hiding away from the same…but in the end I had to..though I asked my Mom to buy a new sari specifically for me…but you know how parents forget…I had to wear the one that my Mom chose it for me…I cried the hell outta me on Teacher’s Day eve…cos I knew that I am gonna look ugly wearing the Sari…my parents looked puzzled to see an 18 year old crying like that…on a silly thing (might be silly for them) but for me it was like an actress going out without make-up 😛 … finally my Dad did manage to calm me down…and I did wear that stupid sari which made it difficult for me to walk…

But to my surprise…I was showered with Compliments the next day….from my friends and from the Teachers too…and thus my Teacher’s Day went pretty well 😀

PS. I managed to go to Priya’s as well with a bunch of friends after school…inspite of the sari and the ‘high heels’…. I did ask for the Param Veer Chakra but they refused 😉


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