Deenu Kaka

I remember that somewhere I mentioned that I am handicapped …. Emotionally.

This post for some might be too gloomy…some might say that I am thinking out of proportion … but I cant help it… the only one in my life who doesn’t let the feeling of being alone creep in me (at some points) is going through a lot of pain.

He was one month old when we brought him home after a lot of struggle, as my parents were totally against him; and now its been more than 5years living with him. Gradually he made a place in everybody’s heart and now it seems that he possesses a ‘Castle’ in everybody’s heart. For my Mom, he is the priority now. She might forget to ask me or my brother whether we had our lunch or not, but for him she would make sure that his food is ready even before he needs it. She is the one who pampers him the most, everything that we eat is given to him from kaju to pastry, gulabjamun to KFC ka chicken. His favorite is my Dad, he would react to my Dad’s voice even if he is sleeping. He is afraid of my Brother as my brother is the one who takes him to doctor for injections. As for me, he is the only one who makes me feel wanted, needed… its great to go back home and find him so excited just because didi is back from office. He would quietly come and sit down as if asking me to pamper him. His eyes always reflects the innocence, he might be scary to others, but for me he is the one for whom I can even dare to kill a cockroach. I am a professional Ant Killer cos I know if I let them go they’ll trouble him. He is a true Gemini just like me, when sad he would take ample time to bounce back to normal.

I still remember how fast he grew up and then I wished he could be small again so that I can take him in my hands. He was the morning alarm for me and my brother, my Mom used to instruct him to wake us up and he would not take more than a second to jump up on my bed and lick my face till the time I don’t push him away in disgust. But those were The Best moments of my life, it’s a great feeling.

He used to be the first one to get up and the first one to read the news paper too. And once he is through with the paper it’s not readable to anybody else as he used to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces. That was one of his favorite time pass. And then once he was tired of the same he would jump on to my bed and sleep, with his head on the same pillow as mine. Later my Mom use to tell me about the same and I could not help but feel so privileged. He grew up to be a mature boy, eventually leaving all these cute little things that he used to do.

He is Dino, my pet, my brother, my friend, my companion….. I promise to myself to pray for his better health everyday for about half an hour at least. I keep this as my target for November 18th 2008. I want him to be as active as he was.


PS. There was a Dhara Oil add where a small kid refers to a man as Deenu Kaka, whenever I call Dino as Deenu Kaka he looks at me in disgust as if shouting at me ‘What the Hell??.. Do you have a problem with my name?” 😛




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