Day 2 at Nainital

A lil late as usual… being a lazy bone I was avoiding to strain my fingers but now the time has come where I have made the determination to let you know about our second day in Nainital


We were all set to leave the hotel by 10 am… we had a nice breakfast at a restaurant downstairs … we all wondered why we dint explore it before as the food was yumm.. chholey bhature were the Hot favorites as chholey tasted just like chicken curry 😛

As I decided to be a vegetarian throughout the trip (and after that too) I was stuck with the alloo and methi parantha that I ordered…

Then we walked till the Nainilake were we decided to have a ride on the boat.

Nitin made sure that he jumbles the group so that everybody have the taste of everybody else’s company. So it was me, Radhika, Rana & Rohit who landed up in the same boat. And as we had a bad experience of rain the day before, my Umbrella also accompanied me.

It was a great time as Rana requested me to suggest a song that she can sing at the top of her voice in the middle of the lake. We usually restrict her from doing that for the benefit of those who hear her…as we are used to it…we dint suggest any 😛 .. but wo hamein aise kaha bakhshne wali thi… she started with our Nainital Hot Favorite…

Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi,

yun hi nahi dil lubhata joi,

Jaane Tuuuuuuu….Ya Jaane Naaaa….

Maane Tuuuuuuu….Ya Maane Naaaa….”


And how could we let her ruin our fav song…?? We all pitched in 😛

So we were there in the middle of the Lake… Straining our Vocal chords to make them swell… and then the other song then the other… so it became the ‘farmaishi ranga-rang kaaryakram’ … we sang Jaane Tu for about 6-7 times… and while on the Boat someone dared to splash a drop on someone (before I forget… the water of the lake was just like golgappe ka pani– visually, as even the thought of tasting it could cause Heart-attack to many of us)…and then how can we not take the revenge…thanks to my umbrella (which was protecting us from the UV rays a moment before) which protect us from Radhika and Rana and I’m sure Radhika must have thanked the life jacked for the same. Finally we came back from the ride and decided to hire cabs for the sight seeing….

Cave Garden was the First destination… we thought that it would be some tuchhasa garden made for kids… but one Cave through and we knew what’s in store for us… they were made (if they were “made”) VERY NICELY…. It was as if we are taking part in some reality show like Khatroan K Khiladi… I enjoyed leading in 3 of the Caves out of 6 and then my legs shouted ‘enough’…….

We had a nice photo session in the midst of the ‘jungle’ (yeah…it was a garden come jungle for the ‘benefit’ of those couples who hated caves :P)

Then we went ahead to a waterfall and yet again…Rana got herself drenched along with Radhika…and then it was the cab seats who had to bear with them…

Then we went to a place from where Khurpatal could be seen….it was quite at a height…and it was great to see the clouds formation and then feeling those clouds crossing by you.. so for few moments we were ‘walking in the clouds’…then we had the ‘neeshane bazi session’ where I did wonders 🙂 .. I hit the target 4 out of 5 times … thus being the ‘Gold Medalist’ of the Team….

After this it was the lover-cum-suicide point…it would be a Lovers point if you get a ‘yes’ as an answer to the proposal…if its no and the person jumps from there it would be called a suicide point…that was my observation…

There was a newly wedded couple who asked Madam Rana to click a photo…. They were posing too formal and then comes a command from Madam Rana, “Arrey koi romantic pose do …. Abhi abhi shaadi hui hai aapki” … embarrassed but  they tried to give the best pose they could…

Then we came back to the Nainilake where we visited the Gurdwara and the Temple…and then a bit of shopping… again photo session…and yet againNeeshane Bazisession…. Where again I proved to be The Sharpshooter by hitting the coin atleast 4 times where no one could do it even once…

Then once it was quite dark for the Shooting session we went ahead to the Mall Road for some more shopping….and then we saw Sunny’s Team enjoying a break amidst the hectic schedule in a restaurant … we shared the Hi’s and the Bye’s and then continued to shop….going forward we met WOA Team…we all had a photo session (yeah YET AGAIN) right in the middle of the Mall Road interrupting the traffic causing jams…after all Nainital walo ko pata lagna chahiye k Hewitt wale aaye hain…so it was like a one small family there.

This was almost the end of day two…


Following are the highlights that I might not have included in the post…

  • The cab that we hired, its driver was really weird. There were two pics that we noticed on the ‘something that’s there to save your eyes from high beam’ (I am not sure what’s its exactly called). Initially I thought that they were two different women and the pic must have been cut from some porn magazine, but when Radhika examined she confirmed that they were two bulky men…rest you can figure out 😛 … we were worried for Shikhar as he was sitting in front with the driver ;o)
  • We managed to attract the crowd everywhere we went. We were the source of entertainment for people around as we were singing out aloud (Yes….the only song we knew in the trip was Jaane Tu)…we laughed, we shouted …the only thing we dint do was dance…I think we could have made money too there….by organizing a road concert 😛
  • Once we got the food in the room … and it was packed with no plates and spoons and no bowls…so we used the glass to pour the dal and made spoon with the aluminium foil.
  • For Anu …Taare Zameen Pe ho gya thaas she banged herself in a rock while exploring the caves…and yeah Shikhar got stuck mid way in one of them and then he decided to give the rest of the cave a miss…
  • There was a very sweet elderly couple whom we met while Caving… they clicked some of our group pics….waited for us…so that they could get a ‘good company’ for caving…
  • When we were clicking photos on the Mall road there were two locals who passed by on a scooter asking ‘hum bhi aa jayein’ and we all ‘Hewittians’ shouted in Chorus “aa jao“..
  • On day 1 when we were coming back to Hotel after having our dinner, we stopped at the candy shop (popularly known as budhiya k baal:P), Nitin was asking all those who were interested in the candy to raise hands. There was one Sardar ji who heard him and raised both of his hands.


There might be some more instances that I would include once they are brought to my Notice…


7 thoughts on “Day 2 at Nainital

  1. oyyee yar Nanital ki yaadein taja hon gai.
    N how could u forget the other favorite song” Aooo may kya, Aaj mosamm….. bada baiman hain”…. 🙂
    M ready for the next round of the trip…..Its was gr8 fun.
    Keep writing

  2. @Radz….arrey fir toh ek aur fav tha nitin ka….’Suhagraat hai ghoonghat utha rha hu mai’….and i remember he started singing the same in front of tht uncle…who owned tht shop of wooden things…

    I’m toh always ready to go out with frnz…..planning chal rhi hai dont worry…jald hi hum north/south/east/west kahin toh ja hi rhe honge 😀

  3. lol Ya how could i forget that one…its was everyones favorite Specialy Rohit & Shikhar’s… I guess is ganay ko sun kar unkey arman jag jatay thay:D…

  4. @Neelabh… Thank you… I was not sure of Andy’s current process…so I clubbed it with WOA :o!

    Shikhar ko wo driver publically kuchh kyu kehta…pit-ta na warna sabse…hamari cab me sare khaate peete ghar k hatte katte log the 😛

  5. @Radz….LOL….it seems so…i wish we cud post the video ;o) for everyone to comment…but kafi logo k ghar ujad jayenge….so in Public Benefit we decided not to….

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