A Short Journey….

…which is about 2min or 4min…depending on the floor you want to go to…

If it’s a short building this journey might be of 2min and if it’s some WTC kind of building it might be more…

So for those who are unable to figure it out… I’m going to talk about the short time we spend ‘traveling’ in elevators…

How many of us actually have noticed difference in our behavior in the elevator? Do you feel conscious? Or you feel relaxed…? May be it depends on the number of people in the elevator…


As for me… I do feel the consciousness creeping in… I have observed certain things or rather the change in behavior while in elevator….


If the lift is full of people everyone looks conscious (assuming that looks are not deceptive in that situation :p). It may be because of the intervention in Personal Space…. ‘Cos of less space and more people. In usual circumstances we would prefer to share the space with someone standing at a certain distance…and if someone crosses the Lakshman Rekha without our consent we feel uncomfortable. But in elevators we have no options.

If there are few people in the lift who know each other and you don’t know anyone of them in those situations how would you behave?

I would rather start troubling my cell phone rather than looking at them. I have noticed many people doing the same…

Also, sometimes as the elevator doors open you can hear the group of people chatting at the top of their voices but as soon as you enter the elevator there is a pin drop silence…won’t you feel uncomfortable in such kind of situations?

There is one more situation when you are in the elevator with someone you don’t know… sometimes if the person is of opposite sex they would check you out and at the same time pretend that he/she is not (checking you out)…

And while I was discussing about this blog with someone, he mentioned that he is all the more careful when the lift is fully occupied, so that he doesn’t touch anyone by mistake…particularly a girl… as it would be too embarrassing if she says something in the middle of the crowd… hmmm…. May be that’s the reason he always prefer stairs… and I thought that he is health conscious unlike me 😛


2 thoughts on “A Short Journey….

  1. lol…its too wierd to look towards people you dont know…sometimes they give blank expressions as if they have seen an alien…

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