Kabhi kabhi Aditi….

October 2, 2008…An occasion for someone who is associated with me for quite a long time now…16 years to be precise.


She is Aditi my oldest friend (not in terms of age but in terms of time that I have spent with her). I met her in school. And I misunderstood her to be someone who might have flunked in the class :p . Little did I know at that point of time that I would be spending a major chunk of my life with her. She turned out to be a topper later (totally opposite of what I thought her to be) Soon we were a group of 4 friends – Aditi, Surabhi, Reema & Me. Surabhi changed her school after 8th standard and then we 3 left in the school as a ‘crowd’ (they say ‘Three is a Crowd’ :p). Aditi chose Science Stream after 10th, Reema & Me were together in Maths. Initially we(Me & Adi) lost touch as we got busy with our classes but later she shifted to my locality, so we got time to catch up again while coming back from school. Then we got Maths tuitions at the same place…and then we got used to the routine. Agar ek doosre se kuchh time nhi milte toh tension hoti thi…so we had to catch up with each other to download the happenings. In the meanwhile Reema was out of our lives, so we were a company (Two is a Company…remember??). Shopping, gossiping, crow watching, movies etc. So she was the only one whom I used to hang out with.


Things were going fine till one day she told me that she would be going to Pune for a course and on top of it her family was shifting to Mumbai too, which meant that even after the completion of the course she would not be back to Delhi. It was hard for me, as she was going to meet new set of people but from my set of friends the one I cherished the most was going away. Later my phone bill went high as she used to taunt me ‘what are you earning for if you can’t call me?’ We used to be on phone for an hour or two. Discussing and cribbing about the things we liked and we hated. Then after a year her course was complete she got a placement and started working soon, She got busy with her job and our talks reduced, though we still used talk and do the downloading things.


Then she met her ‘Prince’ and then most of the downloads were from her side, describing how he is and how she felt being with him. Though I was happy for her that she met the one she has been longing for but at the same time started feeling lonely as the one whom I used to talk to, suddenly transferred her attention and calls to that someone special. At times when I needed to talk to her, I could find her disconnecting my calls… reason: “I was with him”. Yes, I was irritated, felt insulted at the same time. Rather than empathizing with me she blamed me for not being happy for her. Then one day I smsd her which for me was the end of it. Later that evening, while discussing with one of my colleagues I realized that I should give this another chance for the sake of that decade which we have spent tolerating each other. I called her up again. I don’t know how she took it…. she might have thought “Oh, so now she has realized her mistake” or “Why the Hell is she calling now”, but for sure I can say that not even once she must have felt sorry at that time…at time when she was at the verge of losing a friend, but that’s the Glory of Love…isn’t it?? :o) Somebody had to initiate forgetting about the so called ‘Ego’ and I did at that time, she also have done the same at few instance…though that’s a different thing that the first word she would say once I pick up the phone was “Hi B****” …. And I would reply to her the same way… of course!!! ;o)


Then the things were usual. I went to Mumbai to meet her and had a rocking time wandering in the Streets of Mumbai with her and her boyfriend. When I saw them together for the first time I was searching for wood to touch. They make a nice couple. His name is Somanthra (I hope I spelt it right)…popularly known as Santro. Today they both are getting engaged and I was suppose to be in Mumbai attending the function. But here I am sitting in office and working on a National Holiday (WTF??). I made up my mind that I would be going to meet her in December when I would take a weeks leave. But since yesterday the feeling of being there is creeping in. Can’t help it now though.


We don’t talk that much these days but whenever I think of her she reminds me of all the Good times that we have spent together. Laughing uncontrollably in our Hindi Teacher’s class when she kept looking at us wondering what the joke was, making a guy so nervous that while crossing the road he was looking at us rather than the traffic coming from the other end, bitching about all those people we hated, sharing concerns and tensions, cribbing about life, I still remember her reaction on Salman Khan when she watched Khamoshi and was describing about the movie, she still says that I was bossy in school I still refuse to agree and we still can have endless argument on the same…I still feel that she has changed, she still have numerous justifications for it and I still don’t accept them and keep teasing her for the same… in short I still cherish her being a part of my life…


Though we are poles apart but we managed to stick around with each other for so long and I hope she stays in touch till the end.


So this Post was Dedicated to the person who defiantly holds a long intro and a lot of chapters in my Autobiography – Aditi.



PS. And I am sure if she gets to read it she would have a lot of things to disagree on and to strike an argument again… we love to fight :o)


4 thoughts on “Kabhi kabhi Aditi….

  1. @Aditi – It can never be ‘entirely correct’ till the time it won’t have the second face of the coin…this was as per me…your depiction would definetely be different…but finally you read it 🙂

  2. @Neelabh – While guys call it ‘bird watching’, we call it ‘crow watching’ … and i guess its normal…aint it????

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