Love: My perception….

I was thinking of posting this poem here for a very long time…

It was written by me a couple of years back…posted on a community site…from where I was later banned 😛


It’s just did a copy paste…you can check the link for the actual post …


There is no definition for Love……just perceptions……which varies from person to person……this is mine.

Wanted to write this for a long time……now its done……its very close to my heart……might not fit into “poetry” in one way or the other…but even then its here

If you ask me
Do I like to be with you?
I would say
‘Yes, I do’
But can’t die for you
Can promise you rather
That I would struggle to live
Even if I’m dying
Just to be with you
No matter how painful it might be

If you ask me
Do I care for you?
I would say
‘Yes, I do’
But can’t promise you
That I would stand by you forever
Rather…can assure you that
I would be right behind you
When no-one would dare to

If you ask me
Do I love you?
I would say
‘Yes, I do’
But can’t promise you
That it would remain the same forever
Rather….can assure you
That I would Love you the most
When you would deserve it least

If you ask me
How much I love you?
I would say
‘My Love for you
Equals the number of seconds
This earth has lived’
Can’t promise that
It would remain the same forever
Rather….can assure you
That it would keep on increasing
Even if you are the worst person on this earth.


Para-1: I think dying is easy, its pain just once…its life which is difficult every minute……& struggling to live when you are dying is like fighting against all odds……

Para-2: This means being with that someone……when the world is not willing to help…… because when everything is going hunky dory he won’t even ask for help ….Loving is being there when the going gets tough….without making him ask for your presence.

Para-3: Last two lines are taken from a saying ‘Love me the most, when I deserve it the least; because that’s the time when I need it most’ ……… self explanatory

Para-4: Love for someone cannot be measured, Loving someone is just loving……without looking at anything else……not even the worst things ……

We would get thousand reasons to hate someone, but in this world which is already full of hatred……people are killing each other for nothing……we need to find one thing in a person to Love……you get what you look for, so why not look for something good???

As they say: “no-one has injured his eye-sight by looking at the brighter side”.

Rest up to you…….
Thanks for reading


I LOVE this poem….and I LOVE myself for being able to write this….MUAH 😉

Rock On!!!


8 thoughts on “Love: My perception….

  1. Its painful as always. I would love to read your happy thoughts, cause i know you have few.
    Just pen them down, m waiting Ms Poetess.

  2. I was wondering if i did read it before, back in igt days, but i cant find my comment there..guess this was posted long back…ok back to the topic!

    i absolutely liked what u have written here, it didnt appear any grim to me, rather i loved the words used in your sheer plainspokenness..straight from the heart..good one! 🙂

  3. @Vini — I know u ‘ignored’ me during my initial IGT days 😛

    I knew you would have liked it if you have read that time also…we do have some things in common 🙂
    Thanks for reading…

  4. hmmmm garry how dare u scolded me after writing this peom on love and still u call me an Idiot. Not fair but this is really a lovely & very romantic poem, nothing selfish or sad in this and to understand it one needs to have that something extra which cant be understood by people who even hide the love of their life.

  5. @Rana – Scolding wala kaam to tab tak chalta rahega jab tak mai zinda hu…ab jhelna parega tujhe…and yess…. i got the pun completely 🙂

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