A Jinxed Weekend

I thought I’m not addicted to anything in life…until Friday. When I was happy to have got the song I was searching for weeks, though it’s now quite old but I got to hear it few weeks ago. Its sung my Mohit Chauhan of Silk Route, the song it called Guncha. I got it mailed, courtesy Neelabh. I heard it continuously for an hour and then got it transferred on my cell phone too, courtesy Shivani. And there it goes, I couldn’t hear any other song again… neither I could see the pictures in the gallery. So I had to go to the Nokia Center on Saturday to get it repaired.

I Miss my phone 😦

I have never spent that much time away from my phone ever. All the contact details are gone now, though I have maintained a telephone diary but copying all the numbers one-by-one from the diary to the cell is a pain. All the songs and the pictures are gone. And now I have got to know that my cell was not so faulty after all, the culprit is hiding somewhere in my bag.. It’s the memory card. So again I’ll have to go on a hunt to get it rectified. And yes, I would make sure to get an Anti-Virus this time before I start surfing through my cell.


During all this torturous time my old Nokia 6600 was handy. It finally saw the moonlight after an year. But it seems that it was also upset with the fact that I totally forgot about it for a year, as it also said ‘enough’ yesterday when some moron in the training session (that I attended yesterday) dint see my cell (inspite of the fact that 6600 is Huge) and unknowingly made it fall off the table to the ground. It got switched off and dint start again. I guess I need to visit the Nokia Center again… and before I forget to mention, I was a phoneless creature from yester-afternoon till today, when Anu came to my rescue by lending her extra phone to me.. Thanks Anu 🙂


Well, the post is not about this at all. Though I was going through this jinx there is something which made me nostalgic. I found some poems in the ‘Notes’ section of Nokia 6600 which were composed by me in 2006…I read all of them and was thinking that I’m still there where I was in 2006. Though a lot of things have changed, but there are still some things which haven’t. And now as that phone also went blank I have to find a way out so that I can at least retrieve those poems.


May be I can post some of them here 🙂


PS. I have edited this post today, ‘cos while Shivani was reading this post beside me i just noticed something which I wished should go unnoticed to her…but Shivani toh Shivani hain…. my sincere apologies to her 🙂


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