We use it everyday, we keep waiting for it…

So one fine day, Me, Rana, Shivani, Anu & Purba were waiting for it. It came but we thought of catching the next one. After few more minutes of wait The Next one came and the moment we saw that there is no one in there…we rushed in. The joy of traveling in an empty elevator is incomparable, when you have like minded freaky friends along with you.

So we hurried up to register a ‘kona’ (corner) for ourselves. I did manage to get one, but Rana couldn’t. So she was the Den that day. I wish we could have more time while traveling from the 3rd floor to the Ground floor, so that we can play the game for a longer duration. But we can’t go against the rules of Gravity I guess…

We love to play ‘konakona’ in elevator, may be that’s the reason we once tried to keep the Hot-Shots of our Company out of it. It was really embarrassing though. Hua yun… that we were waiting for the elevator for a long time and when it came it was going down. So we thought of roaming around the Basement Floors for a while…and in that short span of time Ms.Rana decided to press the ‘Pass’ button so that we can have the elevator dedicated to us. As soon as the elevator reached ‘-2′ she pressed the pass button without noticing that the gate was half opened. And those Big Hot-Shots could catch the glimpse of their accuses. They again pressed the button for the elevator to make it open. We were all in an ‘awe’, thinking of what we just tried to commit. But thankfully they dint say anything apart from ‘Seems that you got stuck in the elevator there’ with a smile, humbleness shayad khairaat me milti hai as you reach to the Top. Bechari Rana couldn’t utter a word and I had to try hard to restrain myself from laughing. Those few moments were suffocating. But I bet they could hear us laugh at ourselves once we left the doors of elevator close behind us. They might have got it or they must be so dumb. The possibility of latter is zilch though, ‘cos you become smarter when you climb up the ladder. Agar smartness bhi khairaat me mili hoti, toh we could have counted on the probability of them being dumb.

This was one of the scenes that we created for ourselves.

PS. And now we have communicated this kona-kona disease to Radhika as well..who is just a few months old in the Team 🙂


9 thoughts on “Kona-Kona

  1. So you didn’t forget to mention me, so sweet 😀 . I love this game. We get a chance to change the corner may be just once, even then we enjoy it like crazy 🙂

  2. That was really funny, the moment elevator opened and I saw them standing I felt like saying “mene kuch nahi kiya, mene kuch nahi kiya” the slogan we used to shout to save ourself when we were kids. But it seems my voice refused to come out and my heart was singing “nahi nahi abhi nahi”. After that day I made sure not to press “Pass” in the elevator and behave like a good girl. I will always remember that.

  3. @Radhika – Seriously yaar i njoi it even if there is no Den :p

    @Rana – Tu toh rehne de….tu aur tere ‘lifty’ kaarnamo pe ek novel likhi ja sakti hai…aaj bhi itni baar embarrass hote hote bachi hu mai…*Phew*

  4. Arrre aap to masha alla ho.. har baat par likh deti hain… and really as I always say you r a ‘writer with a mission’… Mission Jari Rakho..

  5. @Purba – hehehe…Thanks for the compliment… ye toh practice session chal raha hai… final match tab hoga jab mai apni Autobiography likhungi 😛

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