Daag Achhe Hain – Surf Excel

Tattapani — I was wondering if there is a place like this till the time I dint go there. I heard the name for the first time from Sunjit. This was our school reunion trip, which had Bharti, Shweta, Sunjit, Neeraj apart from me, and two of Sunjit’s friends Teji & Ravi…. and after some time noone could say that they were Sunjit’s friends

We hired a Scorpio as Sunjit suggested that it has a very nice AC. But after a while we dint even need it as it was raining though out till Ambala. We picked up Sunjit, Teji and Ravi from Chandigarh. Then started our fights … to adjust 7 hatte khatte log (barring Shweta) in a 6 seater cab. 😛

It was late in night when we reached the camp sight. Then we had a nice dinner at the bank of River Sutlej. It was cold and dark there, and we all enjoyed the ‘candle light’ dinner. It was late at night around 1 am when we finished the dinner, I insisted every one to atleast go near the river bank to put my feet into it…and man… it was CHILLED…the water I mean.

We tried hard to sleep, before Shweta got a call from a friend and then we (me and Bharti) thought of playing a ‘prank’… after hours of loud laughs we managed to sleep. Next day we were all set for the River Rafting. A day before while eating our dinner we could sense that Ravi was so nervous as he repeatedly said that he is scared of water…same was the case with Neeraj, he mentioned that he has informed his father about all the Fixed Deposits that he has and where he has kept his insurance papers (if needed)… may be they were ‘high’ or may be it was the Confession Day 🙂

We all managed to Hit the raft showcasing a broad smile….but it faded as soon as we got our first rapid…and once we were through it…our confidence level boosted high…and we kept the smile intact thoughout the venture…

So we did take a break after rafting for a while….and these are the pics that were taken while we were on that ‘muddy break’… I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Highlights of the trip were:

* Fighting for the seats while travelling in 6 seater cab

* This ‘muddy break’

* Our servicing session just before the rafting where we shouted at the top of our voices

* Rafting itself as it was The First Time for all of us except Sunjit

* Talking sessions which stretched till late night

* Antakshari competition where Sunjit composed songs then and there

* Dumb Charades where we laughed uncontrollably on Bharti and then Teji

* Paani k Prani session after rafting

a lot more things to remember which cannot be posted here to keep the sanity level of my readers 🙂

But not to forget this trip was surely a starting point of some ‘partnerships’ 🙂


From Left: Neeraj, Ravi, Bharti, Shweta & Me

Yet another shouting session for the click

Ravi is ‘bali ka bakra’ here… whom Teji is about to…… ;o)

Sunjit — the new face in the pic

The quite group which is not that quite….unless its to strike a pose..

Sunjit – asking for some mercy… the word which was missing from our dictionary



6 thoughts on “Daag Achhe Hain – Surf Excel

  1. @Ravindra – Blog hi ab banaya hai toh obviously anything that i’ll put here prior to the date i created this blog would be kind of ‘delayed’….

    Next trip…?? I hope it would be soon…

  2. @Rana – Consolation Prize toh mai dilwa hi deti 😛 … prepare yourself for river rafting and we might have the session again 😉

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