What’s your take?

The thought striked me again…..

Have you ever given it a thought???

Which of the following would hurt you the most?


Saying something that you later regret you shouldn’t have


Not saying anything and later regretting you should have


8 thoughts on “What’s your take?

  1. You are in a fix. When regret is the end result for both try the second one.

    If you say something and someone is hurt you both regret. but when you dont say and regret the other person is not aware of it and does not regret/hurt of something said by you.

    On the other hand I believe i should have said and regretted. Dont want to regret without doing anything.

    Choice is yours, lady.

  2. I agree with Neelabh…end is result is regret…rather than hurting urself alone tell it to the person and let him/her also feel the guily somewhere…second option is the best and also if in love, if you don’t tell it and after a while you come to know that he/she was also interested then????????? who will regret..tricky one though

  3. I have already done my research on the thought….seems that I experienced it too….thats why i would prefer the first option….regret karna hi hai to kuchh karke karo…do it and then regret rather than not doing it and thinking about it the whole life…and yeah, why the hell did Firangs leave Sorry here??? to be used when ever you think you have made a mistake… 😛

    though it might not bring the things back to normal but at least you would feel better….. i do..

  4. Although I also like the first Option but most of the times ended up opting the second one which I regret alot.

    Also it depends on the situations, at times opting for the first is better and at times second one is better but I think we all mostly opt for the wrong one and thats the reason why we ended up regreting most of the times.

  5. And just because I wanted to be the one to post the 100th Comment on my Blog…. This is for the same Purpose 🙂

    This Blog is 100 comments up


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