What’s Your Idea Of Romance?

What would you say when asked the same question?

it could be different for different people. Some find walking in the rain to be the most romantic thing, some would say that candle light dinner would be something to go for.

But what’s your take on that?

When asked to someone on the other side of the email, I got the answer “Sleeping”. And yes, I raised my eyebrows too but got the doubt clarified when I read it further that ‘Sleeping not with each other but alag alag apne apne ghar me’ …and yes.. I too was confused if it could be ‘romantic’ for someone. Well, guess I doubted right as there are some people who try to be secretive till the time you don’t nag them. So finally the answer was ‘talking to someone face to face in a foggy winter night’ ,,, fair enough. This could be counted as romantic. And this discussion made me think further. About ‘Romance’.

When I went ahead asking the same question to those I know… I got different replies.

This is what girls have to say:

  • Walking on a busy road, eating an ice-cream and my partner singing the song ‘jaane tu ya jaane na’ for me
  • Taking outer mudrika (the bus with the longest route) buy the Rs10 ticket (the maximum value ticket) sitting on the last seat and talking
  • Walking hand in hand in a starry moonlit night
  • Sitting together and watching sunset
  • Sharing a cold drink or an ice-cream for that matter
  • Making castles at a beach
  • Unexpected gifts & kisses on different occasions
  • Sitting close for an auto ride
  • Taking a ride on a Giant Wheel, screaming together
  • Getting an unexpected call from him singing your favorite song
  • Playing pool together
  • Going for a cruise or a yacht ride watching sun setting or sun rise
  • Pillow fighting
  • Talking like a bachcha with him
  • Hearing him call my name or referring me as beta
  • Making eye contacts with him in a crowded place


And yes… how can I not think about girls? How can I forget asking the same question to the guys for the benefit of ‘us’…Girls 🙂

So these are few responses from guys:


  • Sitting quietly …holding hands ….in a band stand kind off place …..facing the sea …evening time
  • Apne hath se apne partner ko khana khilana
  • After a date ….while leaving for home… that last hug
  • Learning guitar, composing a song and then sing for her
  • Riding a bike on a Highway, while its drizzling from the Heavens
  • Talking…while hugging each other
  • Working together in a Kitchen
  • Thoda thoda pyar se ladna
  • Staring at each other and letting your eyes do the talking
  • When you like something about her on an occasion and you kiss her on the forehead
  • While watching a movie …agar koi romantic scene chal raha ho and you hold her hand and kiss it… may be


And as the girls would complain why there are less responses from guys…all I can say is… ‘Guys actually are Super Lazy’. It’s out of question if someone say that ‘may be guys are less Romantic’, for me every person under the sky is Romantic. Its just the way to express….which differs. And that’s what I tried to capture here, but don’t know if I succeeded.

All I hope now is for your enjoyment while reading 🙂


11 thoughts on “What’s Your Idea Of Romance?

  1. Hi thr!

    Thx for ur comments on my posts..! Yeah I do plan to write many more but I’m plain simple lazy to do tht..I intend to improve upon tht..

    neways I found “What’s Your Idea Of Romance?” really cute and interesting..infact thx for telling me a thousand more ways to woo someone n yes I agree that everyone’s romantic but in their own unique way! I still can’t zero in on a single romantic thing though coz I feel every moment spent wit ur spl one is romantic n precious in itself!

  2. @Sonal – Seems someone is spreading the laziness around 😉

    here in this post i was trying to capture those events which when happen makes you helpless…cos you dont know what to do…wether to give him/her a hug or a kiss or a compliment…and it seems that you want to shower all these things on him/her at that point of time…

    Take Care girl..

  3. @ Sonal

    “I’m plain simple lazy to do tht”. <– Its my tagline. Be original lady. Think something else.

    @ Garima

    “Seems someone is spreading the laziness around ” I wish I could but I am not.

  4. @ Garima – ‘Sleeping not with each other but alag alag apne apne ghar me’ … May be he wanted to say that sleeping alag alag but imagining about sleeping with each other and if thats not wht he meant then I am afraid he will be in trouble in future

    @Neelabh – “for me the the idea of romance is to do nothing. Its not lazy. Its super platonic”
    Idea is good but if you are thinking of carrying it in future as well then please do inform this to the girl you choose to marry so that she can rethink on her decision.

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