Wanted to post it yesterday but due to the ‘Out of Frame’ Brain I couldn’t give words to my thoughts.


I watched the much awaited movie Fashion on Saturday, and as all Madhur Bhandarkar movies are; this too was worth watching. Dealing with the reality of Fashion industry.. to an extent.

It shows a journey of a girl who wanted to make it Big. With her own conditions. She succeeded too. To succeed is difficult and to maintain that success is even more difficult. That’s what this movie teaches you.

I was wondering how come the director dint take into consideration the Casting Couch while making the movie, for which the Industry is very infamous for.

Meghna Mathur (played by Prinyanka Chopra), a beautiful young girl from Chandigarh got the right opportunities at the right time, met right people… was doing fine till the time Success start getting high on her.

That’s when all right people suddenly seemed wrong. Shonali (Kangna) was a Super-model, a show stopper in all well known Fashion Shows. Meghna wanted to be the one too. And once she was there, she couldn’t see anyone else. There was a scene when Shonali warns Meghna to be careful as she would not even know when everything would turn against her. Meghna had a live example of Shonali, for ‘what not  to do’ to be stable in the Fashion Industry but she overlooked everything being overconfident after a point. She started doing all those things which she once refuse to do. She was arrogant to people around, right from Fashion Designers to Photographers and she called it The Attitude. When one of her friends mentions she says “It’s not arrogance baby…its attitude” and she starts falling…professionally and personally too. There was a time when the Confident Super Model hid herself in the same old not that known lanes of Chandigarh for about a year.


I believe that every story has a lesson to learn and movies are the visual form of stories in a way. Some things makes us think, some we remember and some touches our heart. There were such things in this movie as well.

  • Doobte ko tinke ka sahara bhi bohot hota hai. For Meghna it was her Family and a Few Good Friends.
  • Family is the biggest Support. If you have one such family you are lucky. In this movie there were two such people who ‘fell’. One Meghna who managed to come back with the help of the support that she got from her family & friends. Second was Shonali who had no family and no friends and she ended up making things worse for herself.
  • There was one infamous scene of wardrobe malfunction, which happened with Shonali. People might think its no big deal as anyway they (models) wear such skimpy clothes which hardly leaves anything for imagination. But, it is a Big Deal for a Girl no matter what her occupation is, no matter with how many guys she has slept, no matter how many lingerie promos she has done…it is a Big Deal.
  • Dope is certainly not good as it makes you brainless and blind


I would have Loved the Ending of the Movie if the Director would have shown that Shonali also returned to where she was. So there could have been 2 show stoppers for the Fashion Show, Meghna & Shonali; ending  the show together on a positive note. Making Shonali die in the movie gave it a sad ending which is something that I dint like, apart from this there was one funny thing that me and Shivani noticed – Every guy (sparing 2 or maximum 3) in the movie was a gay.


I loved the song Mar Jawa in the movie the wordings and the way it has been sung, and the song Jalwa with full on volume. Priyanka and Kangna looked stunning on the ramp with that killing attitude in their eyes and smileless faces.

There was a News in the Papers today, where Mr.Bhandarkar mentioned that he should have included the Kiss Scene between Samir Soni and his boyfriend as the Movie anyways got the ‘A’ certificate. I was wondering how I would have reacted seeing something like this 😛


DISCLAIMER: These are purely my thoughts and the depiction of movie might vary from person to person.


6 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. @Neelabh – I notice everything..its just that I pay attention to some and I ignore some…

    and I’m sure Brokeback Mountain would turn out to be a Horror Movie for me 😛 …. you sure must have seen the movie it seems 😉 .. hope you ‘enjoyed’ it 😉 …hahaha

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