A trip to bankruptcy

One of the Few posts that I liked from my previous Blog. This is the story of October 2007.

A journey where no one ever want to reach to the destination cos once you reach there you are left with nothing….*sigh* yess…it was a very good month….a trip right at the beginning of the month to Mussoorie and Hrishikesh…what a delight it was…away from the scorching heat of Delhi…it was a lovely weather in Mussoorie…one can easily learn how clouds are born from the beauty of mountains all you have to do is just sit for an hour or two in the lovely weather gazing at the mountains, observing each and every move of it…our room’s balcony openned facing the Dehradoon City…in the night it seemed that its water right down the mountain reflecting the image of the stars in the sky….i could stand there in the chilly night just wondering at the beauty of nature through out…there were just two things that were missing to make it picture perfect….’that’ Moon and ‘my’ Moon…’that’ Moon must be shining bright at the other side of the globe hence was missing in Dehradoon…and for ‘my’ moon the search is on ;o)Then it was Hrishikesh….living in a camp is altogether a difference experience….with no electricity and no facilities available one has to stay in tent near the flowing river…mornings seems blessed with the chosen blessings from Mother Nature…It was the same picture that we all are aware of…ask a kid to draw and he would definetely draw some mountains with a shining sun, few flying birds….a flowing river…some trees …a hut….got it?? Yes…it was the same the only difference was that it wasn’t in a picture…it was real and much more neat and alive…
Walks in the evening…with the river flowing along…singing in a different but familirar tune…bon-fire…late night conferences…those were the days

We left for Mussoorie on 29th September came back to Delhi after exploring Hrishikesh too on 2nd October which was a Tuesday…Wednesday I joined back in office and got to know about the final plan of Team outing to Jaipur for the coming weekend…of course I couldn’t say No cos I was one of the most enthusiastic creature on Earth when the tentative plan was laid out….

So we left for Jaipur on Friday…it was a group of people filled with energy and frustration :p
We took it as a break from our never ending office schedules so each and every one of us made sure that no matter what we are gonna enjoy this trip to the fullest…we shopped till the time there was a last penny in our wallets… bargaining was good ;o)…. food was awesome…forts were beautiful …Choki Daani was amazing….and not to forget…The Breakfasr at Café Coffee Day…where we ate for nothing…it was a treat for us …. So we were not suppose to pay…right in the morning the Café was looted for all the non-veg variety that was available for some hungry freaks like us….well not to forget Pratima who was the odd one out….The Only Vegitarian in the group..

And of course now the Choki Daani experience ….tried almost everything that was available there….right from food to rides to drinks to things to shop for to rides to all those jyotishees :p
Yess…we dint even hesitate to shake a leg or two with the folk dancers…it was too good…
There was a group of guys…(how could we not notice them being a ‘majority of girls’ group) who were all dressed in blue jeans and white shirts…(one of the combos for which the attention is guaranteed if you wear it)….they danced so well as if they are dancing in ‘yaar ki shaadi’ and then we followed…the Camel ride was SCARY…food was awesome…specially ‘bajre ki khichdi’ with pure ghee and sugar powder…yess sounds weird …but just try it once and for sure you would eat your fingers too :p
And there was a slide too….whose rate of depreciation increased as we seemed addicted to it…
Overall a trip to remember…

But in all these trips my wallet was suffering the most…..that I got to know when I checked the balance next day…the ATM machine also cried with me 😥
The only one who knows my pain…..
So now I have taken a pledge that I wont go for such back to back trips for heaven’s sake….


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