Dream On..

Dreams… What are they?? If we just have a glance at this word it might be nothing but if we take a magnifying glass look, it might have a lot of meaning to it… wait wait wait ….I am not going to get into a discussion which would interpret your dreams….not my cup of tea. What I mean to say is…are dreams important? We dream with close eyes (when we are asleep) and with open eyes too.
Dreams that we see while sleeping are the day to day happenings….that happened with us or we want something to happen to us….it is the subconscious mind….and believe you me…..I am not going to talk about this any more….. what I want to take up are the dreams that we see with open eyes….when we are very much in our senses….why do we dream when we have nothing else to do….???
Well I do day dream too….for the following reasons:
* It can be taken as a planning for future
* It might be a break from all the tensions, a breather
* Or it might be living a life OUR WAY (though in dreams only)
* There are things that we cant get in real life but in (day) dreams everything is possible

But whatever it is….it gives you a satisfaction….brings a smile on your face when you day dream….though as per some it’s a sheer waste of time but for me its very important to day dream too….of course. Have u seen a pressure cooker ….it takes out the steam after a point…that’s a saturation point for it…when it can’t hold on to that pressure any more and releases it…we Human Beings resemble to a pressure cooker in the same way…when we can’t hold on to our daily tensions any more we need a break….and believe you me, in the midst of all tensions if you sit down for 5 minutes with your eyes closed and start dreaming or imagining your mind relaxes ..that’s what I have felt….think about all those things that you love…like for me.. I love to be near a beach so I think about beaches…green gardens….waterfalls…rain pouring on my face…playing with cute puppies etc…all your tensions would drain away and you would feel fresh again to face the difficulties in your routine life..

Apart from this I had many more thoughts on this topic but somehow didn’t know how to put them into words…Please do contribute if you have something else to say or to add to this article

Have a Dreamy Day 🙂

 PS. This was posted on my previous Blog which was just deleted


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