The Known

Some of you must have read it before in different forums, and now here it is on My Blog

There she stands
Staring at me
I am trying to ignore her
As she is scaring me

Her mouth shut
But eyes shouting aloud
As for years she was searching for me
That now she has found

I hurried up…moved on
To continue with my journey
Strangely I found her everywhere
As if she is eagerly waiting for me

Beautiful she is
Clad in all black
Kindness is something
That her face lack

Her face is absolutely blank
With no emotions…no feelings
With pain in her eyes
Now gradually she starts moving

While I’m wondering
Why can’t anyone notice her
Am I the only one to whom she’s visible?
She continues moving further

She increases her pace
As if it’s ‘the time’ to complete her mission
Now I realize that she is coming towards me
Without my permission

My mind began to race
With my destiny & with her pace

My legs moving as fast as my mind
Try to succumb my fear, which I’m not able to hide

In this quest of moving away from her
I was hit by something that I don’t remember

The next moment I was struggling to breathe
She took my hand & made me stand up
Now she smiles at me
My pain gone with an ease

Then I saw myself, lying in that pool of blood
Saw & heard people discussing that a minute ago I took my last breath
A tear dropped out of my eye & a smile flicked on to my face*
That’s when I realized that she is none other than my best friend –


Title: I have kept the Title as “The Known” because Death is something that is known to all human beings….we know that anything that has taken birth is going to Die too
*: A tear dropping out of an eye depicts the pain of leaving everyone behind…. who Loved me & whom I Loved…. & Smile depicts the satisfaction that I have completed my journey.


2 thoughts on “The Known

  1. maine kewal Title wala part padha jo aapne last mein likha hai.. jab wo accha hai to poem bhi acchi hogi.. all is well thats end well.. kuch aisa kahte hain na??

  2. @Neelabh – yupp thats what the saying is,,,but it would have been great agar poori poem readne k baad aapne ye comment diya hota…

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