Who am I?

Where am I?

I am Lost.

I can be found somewhere in my Dad’s commands, in my Mom’s expectations, in my Sibling’s hope, in my Friends’ anticipations. In all those rules and regulations which are set for me by society’s notion.

I can be found in the kitchen cooking food for the family, in the market buying gifts for my friends, in my house caring for my pet, in office working with my colleagues.

I can be found in the arguments too, where I lay silent; sometimes choosing the words which are not too harsh, sometimes reacting to those harsh words which I just heard, sometimes mourning on what I just said and thinking why did I say it?

Where else you can find me?

You can find me in the movie hall with friends, hooting for the hottest actor; on the dance floor letting my hair down, in a food court eating loads of my favorite food, in a crowded bus lost in my own thoughts, in a flower that I just bought for myself, in that new dress that I bought yesterday which now seems a little too tight, in that new dish that I experimented on … which is now garnishing my dustbin, in those dust particles on my computer table which I refuse to clean.

I can also be found in all those comparisons that my Mom make with my friends, in that tear that just rolled out of my eye, in that smile that just flicked on to my face after reading an email, in the laugh of that person who is still laughing on my joke, in those countless plans that were made and then shattered.

I can be found in someone’s dreams too 😉

Who am I???

I am a Girl.


This Marks my 50th Post


11 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I could be found in an eyeis that rolled tears( i know it should be eyes)

    I could be found in the lips that laugh.

    I could be found in the Girl who wrote this post. 🙂

  2. @Neelabh – quite a thought in the first reply…and I did tell for the best suited role..for you…though you gave excuses but you can still think of it 😉

  3. @Vini – you know this line “a Little Lost, a Little Found” seems very VERY familiar….is there a poem of a song written on this???

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