Right from childhood I had few ‘companions’ with me… though I had no ‘communication’ with them but there mere presence was enough for me to take me back into the memory lane.


Those were the Golden Days of my Life which I miss the most. My Childhood.


I remember while we were staying in Saket around 1985, how we (Me & My Family) used to commute in Buses. After a while my Dad bought a scooter, second hand though; but it solved the problem of traveling in crowded buses for hours. Since then I have always seen that scooter guarding at the entrance of my house. We shifted to R.K.Puram in 1987 it came with us (of course). Later in 90’s we had to sell it off as it depreciated beyond use. It was one emotional moment for my Dad. As it had some memories of my grandma attached to it, after all she helped him buy that scooter at that time when he was falling short of finances. Immediately after that he bought another one. This too was a second hand. Over all these years when we shifted to a first floor flat from the ground floor one, this scooter was beautifying our staircase. And now for years, since we have bought a car; the scooter was ignored. At last, when we knew that it would not be used further it was better to sell it off to someone who could use it. It happened during the weekend. And now everytime I climb down the staircase automatically my eyes fall on to that corner where it used to be. And suddenly I have realized that I am missing it.


Few months back in May, we exchanged our old fridge for a new one. It was garnishing my house for the past 20 years. Every thing around me has some memories. We bought this fridge when I started going to school.

We sold off our first car in 2003 and I remember my eyes getting damped while it was going off from our house. We used to go for drives everyday to India Gate to have ice-cream, to pick Dad up from office.

All these things are as fresh as they were few years back while I’m writing this post for my Blog.


Its difficult to compare though, but the emotions ride high on tide when its an individual.


And now as Anu (whom I have spent around two years working with in a Team) is leaving Delhi, emotional quotient would be high again in coming days. She will be missed in all those Dhabba visits in the morning when she used to order a chai without sugar and a sookha gobhi ka parantha. She has been a chatter box of the Team (replacing me 😛 ) for all these years. But she is going back to her Family which she has been longing for, so half of her worries would be gone.


All the Best Anu, hope this change brings loads of happiness to you.




Hum Paanch: Anu, Rana, Purba, Shivani & Me


PS. Anu always put the right foot forward….like you did for this pic 😀


8 thoughts on “Emptiness…

  1. Senti mat kar yaar!!! Don’t worry I will be Back with a Bang!!! Pakka!!
    Then we will have movie trips, Yo China Trip etc Pakka! Pakka! Pakka!

  2. 🙂
    @Anu – waise hum sabne tujhe abhi se book kar liya hai for our birthdays, and parties….so you have to be there…baad me bahana nhi chalega…isliye very much in advance bata diya hai 😀

  3. Your post does take its reader to his/her own growing up years, crossing through the memory lanes which have been bitter-sweet. What comes, goes away, and then comes back again…may be in a deffirent way, but it still does. The ’emptiness’ of the present will be gone tomorrow. Just hang in there 🙂

    Your post reminded me a poem. I am writing a couple of lines here.

    Childhood, dewey-eyed, without a
    vestige of vinegary attire.
    Playing bare foot on the dew-soaked grass.
    And meanwhile, without realizing,
    treading across the ages.

  4. @M Squared – Finally 🙂 Thank you for the ‘knock knock’ on my blog…

    The emptiness is only for the Better to come n adjust…so till the time we don’t let the change happen it wont happen..and for that we have to keep replacing the old with new…individuals cannot be replaced though, their identity remain alive in our memories till the time we want..and the way we want…good/bad/ugly 🙂

  5. @M Squared – it’s your blog??? I have been there a couple of times… aadhi baatein Over Head Transmission ho gyi thi :o!

    i would be bothering you now 🙂

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