Yeah…that’s the feeling that takes you over to the cloud number nine when you have a deadline to meet, no breaks to take and suddenly you get to know that you have one more week to complete the project. You suddenly start grinning, breathe deeply to let the news sink in. So, as I have few more clients to cover up and a one more week (7 more days to be precise) now, I can take some time off for my beloved, which I have been ignoring for quite some time. There was a day when I dint even look at it. And now as I have got some time so just thought of making my beloved feel wanted by writing a post which doesn’t really have a thought. Its just that I am writing cos I want to write and post something on my Beloved Blog 😉


Yes… I have fallen in Love with my Blog. Its safe…no heartbreaks you see 😛




8 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. @Neelabh – Nope. Its like loving something, which has no other option except being loved by you. 🙂

    waise after a close obseravtion, I can say that its like loving the other part of me.

  2. @ Neelabh: Who says it’s the same gender? :-/ I refer to my blog in the masculine gender. It doesn’t say anywhere that blogs are feminine, does it?

    @ Garima: Even blogs can give you heartbreaks you know! (Or at least “heartaches”!) My blog simply refuses to display “labels” under each post… no matter how much I play with the settings! It’s showing them on the sidebar but not under each individual post! I’ve finally jumped to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the template I’m using! Sighhhhhhhh!

  3. @Kaddu – Thankfully I dint face anything of such sort as of yet….waise bhi agar aisa kuchh hoga bhi toh i’ll choose the next best alternative… “make Love not War” 😉

  4. Your post was simple yet showed your love for the written word. And after reading the various comments on this post reminds me of the book, ‘Much ado about Nothing’ 😀

    Keep being in love with your blog, keep writing.

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