Life is all about the Grey Area

Is it??? Is it all about grey area? Or is it about being at the ‘white’ side too?


When we talk about life this grey area is bit too much…. some people accidentally fall into this and some intentionally. Those, who by accident fall into this category try to be at the white side of it too, but what about those who intentionally fall under this category?

What would you say to a person who would tell you ‘I could have damaged the situation to 100% but I did it only to 20%. Then why should I be guilty?’

Should the person be charged or should be set free?


For me its not about percentages its about intentions.

If you had good intentions you wouldn’t have gone even for 20% ‘damage’. Cos you never know what your 20% is for the one suffering the damage. I understand we are not saints but why do we act like one then? If you have done something wrong then accept it damn it!!! But unfortunately some people are born without consciousness dont have conscience, cos when you look into their eyes they don’t even have the ‘20%’ guilt of what they did.


All I want to ask is…

Killing some one is a crime, is leaving someone wounded not a crime? Even keeping an intention of ending a life is a crime.

Terrorism is wrong, is kidnapping someone not wrong?

Is eve teasing right??


Extreme examples…right?? But they are the end results of some thoughts….with cruel intentions.




10 thoughts on “Life is all about the Grey Area

  1. @ “some people are born without consciousness”:

    Nope – We are all born WITH consciousness… for life is nothing but consciousness… but we tend to lose it along the way somehow!

    Stealing is wrong, but what wud u say to a kid who has been abandoned on the streets with a 3-year-old sibling in his care… and he has no way of feeding his hungry brother/sister unless he steals something from a shop when the owner is not watching! His life teaches him that stealing is the only way to survive!

    Right or wrong is limited to the perceiver’s perception of life and things in this life… and his perception need not necessarily be the same as the doer’s perception about those things!

    Bottom-line: It’s of no use at all fretting over these things! As Neelabh says… “tension lene ka nahin, dene ka”! 😀 😉

  2. @Kaddu – It seemed right to that guy may be cos thats the only thing he could do…but at the end of the day it is wrong.

    Isliye i said we are not saints. But over the years i’m sure if someone would tell that guy that you did wrong he would have the guts to accept and say though it was wrong, i did it cos i had no option.

    and consciousness should be conscience … typo typo typo… I have a butter finger too 😛

  3. Life is like a rainbow. You mix all the colors together and it becomes ‘white’. You mix a few of them, it turn ‘black’. And you mix the other few, it gets ‘grey’. However, Life is beautiful in all its shades. Its up to us to realise and reflect.

  4. @M Squared – ohho…I agree with you too… mai bas itna kehna chahti thi k jab baaki k colors bhi hain life me toh hum unke baare me kyu nhi sochte…one person at one point of time might be orange at other point might be green or blue…why should someone stuck at grey …intentionally.. aur agar hai bhi toh accept to kare whats wrong and whats right… as Neelabh mentioned in recent comment
    “I am arrogant, is a fact.
    I am accepting it “chaude mein” , is attitude.”

    its just about taking ownership of your own actions…

  5. “why should someone stuck at grey …intentionally”

    Beats me too? But then I remember… dogs are color blind. So what if the person is simply unable to recognize any other color? What if they all appear the same to him?

    “its just about taking ownership of your own actions…”

    Yes, that’s true… but many a times we are so caught up in some past hurt/s, that we keep re-living the same old scene/s in our minds eyes… regardless of what the truth today is. And consequently, we remain stuck in the “victim syndrome”… (YOU did that! It’s because of YOU that happened! If it hadn’t been for YOUR stubbornness,…. & so on & so forth)!

    At that point of time, there’s no use trying to make him see the truth, for he’s simply not THERE with u! He’s in a different time & space mentally & emotionally. How can u expect a person to see the Kutub Minar when he’s standing in front of the Gol Ghar of Patna!

    Oh one last thing… I’ve always felt that we all need to be loved the most when we deserve it the least! 🙂

  6. @Kaddu – In such a case the person should consult a Psychiatrist 😛
    …jokes apart…I think in those rare cases the person would not do anything intentionally, infact he/she would not even know what he/she doing is right or wrong. So this post doesn’t hold true in such cases.

    I have made some changes in the side bar…hope it helps.


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