Not Just Another Poem…It’s Once In A Blue Moon :)

While I was listening to ‘Be With You’ by Enrique and wondering how romantic this line is, I recalled spending some time while travelling in the cab to and fro office, writing this poem. I forced it to be a romantic one…otherwise I would have ended up writing yet another rone wali poem.


This night is not that good
I have done everything that I could
You are still teasing me
With all that you have done and all that you would

I listened it when your eyes whispered
When your lips parted it was clearly heard
I know you need me around
Whenever you reach out I can easily be found

You compliment me
You make me complete
You are in my days…in my nights
You are in all my deeds

Your smile makes my day
That look makes my night
I love to irritate you
You are the one I love to fight

The night now seems good
As you have made me surrender
By turning on my mood




4 thoughts on “Not Just Another Poem…It’s Once In A Blue Moon :)

  1. It’s a brilliant poem Garima. Exquisite choice of words to describe powerful emotions of friendship, love, longing, passion, and ecstasy. You do certainly under estimate your prowess with the pen (read fingertips on key board :D), for you have the ability to create poetry through simple words.

    Keep Flowing. Keep Expressing.

  2. @M Squared – Thanks for those lovely words. At one point of time in my life I used to write a poem everyday, but now thoughts seems difficult to phrase.Writer’s block may be. But m trying… m trying 🙂

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