Same Old Route with New Thoughts Everyday

You can feel the chill in the morning and evening breeze that blows
the hell out if you don’t have any woolens up on your bod. One might
feel like a stud, out in this climate without a sweater; but later
they’ll have to pay the bill with interest once cold knocks them down.

8:10 pm – we have kicked start from the office after a ‘severe’
security check of the cabs, and yeah; the driver is one of those
wanna be studs…he has kept the window open so that there might be
less pick ups in very near future. But he doesn’t know that I ‘love’
my office and would definitely come even if cold tries to knock me
down. After all what’s Nescafe n Tata Tea for??
As soon as we take the U turn from AMEX one could see the under
construction buildings and cranes, and not to forget the Lights.
Though the scene looks quite clumsy but it makes you believe that Diwali is around the corner.
My winter has come. I wore the season’s first sweater today. And now
I’m enjoying the cold breeze too, as I have the ‘protection’. They say
“Play Safe” ;o)
The nights in Delhi & NCR are all lit up…as if the city is
celebrating. Though I don’t have a reason to celebrate but the mere
feeling of celebration makes me feel pleasant during this journey,
where the ‘captain of the ship’ is a half psychic person…rather
fully psychic…I have many people to vote for this fact.
I just passed by some beautiful showrooms. One full of
paintings…BEAUTIFUL paintings rather. Once I have my own
house…I’ll make sure that no wall is left empty. The other showroom
that caught my attention was a furniture showroom – sleek n modern
furniture. I liked it though I would prefer something which is not
sleek, otherwise the furniture of my house would start giving me
complexes too :p
Metro construction has made the roads narrower leading to more & more
traffic jams, but the ‘pilot of our airplane’ doesn’t give a
damn…yeah this is how they have been designed to be. Yamraj ne apne
dooto ko bhejna band kar dia hai, logo ko marne ka kaam cab drivers
ne jo le liya hai
. Smart Yamraj…did some outsourcing eh? And I just
saw a mirror shop. My kind of mirror with my kind of designs. I would
buy one once I would find a place for it in my home 🙂
Everybody seems in a hurry…to go back home…to their loved
ones…to have dinner together…to share the excitements of the
day…to share the anguish of the day…to let it out…to relax…to
unwind themselves…to seek shelter in somebody’s arms…in somebody’s
smile…in somebody’s tears…in somebody’s eyes…
I’m about to reach home and all this while who actually accompanied
me? Bon Jovi (It’s my life) and Enrique Iglesias (Free). And now I
think I should go back and check if some lazy & busy bones have replied to my mails or not…

Last but not the least…thanks to my N70 … I Love It 🙂


9 thoughts on “Same Old Route with New Thoughts Everyday

  1. Interesting post! I got a second eye view of the MG road 😀 . and the best is your humorous descriptions of the cab drivers. It was truly an enjoyable read. 🙂

  2. Yes, i Agree what u said, but I think I was not there to accompany you that’s why Bon Jovi was there otherwise our talks are endless….and how could you forget that famous dialoge of that Psycho “Na madaaaam ko Dikkat nahn hai” in his Jat Accent….eweewerwerwer 🙂

    For both of us we only have our parents and Dogs waiting for us at home. Well those are the special Angels who will be around always and I love my Angels… They are support system of my life and who knows better then u :p)

  3. @Shivani – Yeah I know…hamari baato se toh Driver pareshaan hoke radio on kar leta hai 😛 …

    and aapki Monday ko training thi na….toh cab me koi tha hi nahi batiyaane ko…Mr.Diraeevar toh gappe mar rhe the apne besht friend k sath…

  4. He he! Well your description of the cabbie reminded me of my days in the BPO industry… in particular this driver called Veeru [Bhaiya]… pakka Yamraj ka doot!

    He was there in Wipro Spectramind when I used to work there initially… and then few months after I moved to EXL-Noida, I suddenly saw him among the drivers there!

    @ Cab Driver: Ha ha! You sound exactly like Veeru Bhaiya! 😉

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