Bye Bye Dino


Dino Raj Om

(06/06/2003 – 01/12/2008 )

9th July 2003, a month & 3 day old cute lil bundle of joy came in our lives. After years of pleading my parents for a dog puppy, one day Sunny (my brother) brought him home. Parents couldn’t say no, cos everyone who looked at him used to fall in love with him. We called him Dino. Me & Sunny couldn’t sleep that very day as Dino kept crying the whole night, must be missing his actual mom. Turn by turn we used to get up in the night so that he can eat Cerelac in every 2hrs. It was so amusing to see him eat with his tongue. Dino was an insomniac, he would stay awake the whole night, playing with his toys, peeing in the balcony (which we would left open for the same purpose so that he doesn’t roam around spoiling the house), and trying to eat the leaves of money plant. Sometimes Sunny would get up in the middle of the night to play with him. Slowly he learned to sleep in the night too. Also, he shifted to milk & bread from Cerelac, from terrace he shifted
to small walks on the roads to answer natures call. He loved tomatoes, so it used to be his award if he sits on the rite command. Slowly he learned how to shake hands, what does ‘come here’, sit down, head down, and stand up mean. He started recognizing everyone in the family. Papa kahan hain, mamma ko dhoondo, didi pas jao, bhaiyya ko bulao… he used to follow all the commands. By the he started responding to his Name too, we made him ask ‘Who’s that?’ at the ring of the doorbell though his language was different “Bhow bhow”. It was strange how he would find me while playing hide & seek, one try and bang on target. May be he could listen to our breaths and even recognized it. Though I dint know his language but I could talk to him. I could read his eyes full of hopes, love, care and concern. He was the naughtiest child of my Mom, who would never be charged if anything. Agar hum usko daant.te the toh fir Mom se humein daant parti thi. Usko bas pata lagna chahiye k daant parne wali hai and the first thing he would do is run to Mom for shelter. He was so excited when he first got to taste the Calcium Bone, chew sticks, his biscuits. He was afraid of hair dryer, iron, balloons, crackers and to avoid the public display of this feeling he used to bark uncontrollably to all these things. All that time that we have spent with us would always remain fresh. I still remember how cuutttee he was when I saw him for the first time. It was Love at first sight which only grew stronger and stronger as day passed by. He was a magician, he had the ability to turn tears into smiles. Mom was always concerned for him, he was the priority for her. Dino ko khaana dena hai, jaldi ghar chalo wo akela hoga. Dad was his favorite, jab Dad offc se aate the toh unke paas se hatt.ta nahi tha. Sunny se thoda darta tha cos wo usko nahai nahai karata tha. Khaana wo bas mere haath se khaata tha. Jab saare thak jaate the and usko nahi khaana khila paate the toh fir mujhe bulaya jata tha. Wo poore ghar k kam se kam teen baar chakkar lagwata tha. Tab jaake ‘good doggie good doggie’ sunte sunte khaana khatam karta tha. Chhat pe jaane k liye wo hamresha taiyyar rehta tha, chahe woh raat ko barah baje hi kyu na ho. Mere friends mujhse poochhte the if I would be able to recognize My Dino in 100 other German shepherds and I used to tell them that he has the most innocent eyes and whenever those eyes look at me they tell me that I am here with You. Those eyes were closed yesterday forever. When I reached home he was gone. He was not keeping well for quite a long time and yesterday he started off with a different journey. He was not a Dog for us, we never treated him like a Dog. I used to tie rakhi on his wrist and my Mom used to give me the gift/money on his behalf. We celebrated 5 of his birthdays with Cakes Candles and Birthday Caps. The Void that his absence has created would never be filled. I wont have a pet again, he’ll always be around. Yesterday around this time he took his last breath in my Mamma’s lap.

May God take care of our sweetest Child.


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Dino

  1. Very senti blog garry… I have tears in my eyes 😦
    and I can feel the pain as I have also gone thru this phase…may god give you strength to overcome this most difficult phase 😦

    After reading the blog anyone infact everyone will know how much love DINO got in your family and who knows better then me that he was the most lovable & Ladla member of your home 😦

  2. @Neelabh – Thank you

    @Vini – Things are better now

    @Kaddu – He was the purest soul I have ever come across, so whenever I would talk about him it would be the purest form of me.

    @Shivani – You cant afford to have tears atleast in front of me….you know why 🙂 cheer up!!!

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