To God…With Emptiness

Dear God,

Hope you are doing fine. I am not at all good, you must know it. Why did you create things like feelings, affection, love etc etc? Why do we get attached to somebody so much that we can’t bear the loss?

I know you won’t have answers to these questions. May be its just for your source of entertainment.

But whatever it is, now as You have taken Dino away from me; do take good care of him. He should get the BEST treatment, wherever he is right now. Bless him with everything that we were not able to provide him with and ample amount of everything that we were able to pamper him with, so that he doesn’t miss us too much. He would be alone, here the four of us are not able to console each other with any amount of words or hugs; there he would be with new set of souls..I hope they are making him feel comfortable. Make sure that they treat him with smiles, unconditional Love and plenty of Hugs& Kisses. Otherwise, our enmity would grow even stronger.

I’m sure you would be able to communicate with him, so please do me a favour. Tell him that we all Love him so much no matter where he resides, with us or miles apart somewhere else. Tell him that he was my Bestest Buddy, Mamma’s too, Dad’s too and Sunny’s too. Send him a lot of Hugs & Kisses from all of us and tell him that he would always be around in our our hearts.


And I hope you are somewhere listening to this wish of mine: Do make him a part of my life again. Wherever he is, please make our paths cross again before I leave this world for a new journey.


Thanks in advance,



8 thoughts on “To God…With Emptiness

  1. Your Dino is happy and thanks you all for giving him a home and love while he dwelled Planet Earth. Dino is in a transcedental phase and sends a message to you that you keep him in your memories, but do not let the memories stall your life. Let the life flow. And that you should give another dog, your love and a home.

  2. Hey Garry…i know its difficult to live without the one you used to see all the time around you…but that’s life dear. He was granted only this much time on earth.I am sure he must be alrite with almighty.

    So cheer up and let god also see that he cannot stop our lives and love we have for our dear one’s and DINO.

  3. I never had a pet but I am feeling as if I have lost someone through your blog and whenever I listen to you. I know it is very easy to tell others but very difficult to come out of the situation.
    Time is the only healer perhaps!!!!…………..and Yes people say “Change is the only constant thing in this world and Time is the best Healer” but 1 person who can never change with time is MOTHER.

    Please take care of Aunty and you too please take care.

    I want to give DINO lots and lots of hugs and lots of kisses…..

    DINO…. ….mooooooooooh………….take good care of yourself

  4. @Vini – I’m sure God would listen to this one 🙂

    @Shivani & Purba – Thank you for letting me out in front of you. Ghar me I have to be calm, cos if I lose it everyone else would too. But atleast with you guys I can be what I am feeling like. I know Dino is fine wherever he is. And would always smile thinking of all the tantrums and pranks he used to play on us. 🙂

  5. Dear Garima- Dino is and will be with you alive in your memories . Can relate to the blog as I have also lost mine. Her name was sweetie and till date I dont really think that i loved or will be able to love anybody more than her. Its been almost 7 yrs since she has gone but her memories still bring tears in my eyes :(.

    You never know if Sweetie and Dino are friends now and enjoying together 🙂

  6. They are one of the Best things that can happen to Human race…they love unconditionally, they never let you down…I wish they both are friends…Dino had no friends, he only had four of us…loved us…played with us..talked to us…we were his world…for everyone else he was too aggressive…they dint know that that aggression is possessiveness…he couldn’t share any one of us with anyone else…Sigh!

    …seems that you were not able to find anything happy around, do let me know if you were able to…to let me out of this guilt of spoiling your day with gloomy thoughts…

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