Just got an additional role

Role of a Nanad 🙂 . My brother got married on Friday, it was a filmy kind of Love Marriage where we got to know about the marriage just 10 days in advance. Last week was HECTIC. A lot of things to be arranged and Sunny is never on time. So we ended up doing somethings and some were left alone.
Marriage was a small affair with only relatives and some friends (since childhood days). It was great to see everyone together.
Mom and Dad got promoted too 😉
And now starts the Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai Part II. I hope it makes everyone laugh 🙂


And yeah, while I was about to publish the post one thing striked the I would like to share as I found it really cute and romantic.

Mc Donald’s Mc Veggie Burger is Sunny’s favourite and he promised his wife when she was his girlfriend that he would only eat it once they get married. After a lot of wait and eagerness he took a bite around 9 PM on his wedding day.


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