You have been my confession box,

Days and nights I have spent talking to you

Without being hoax


I treated you as a friend

But for you,

I was just another person you knew

We both agree,

People we get addicted to.. are very few


Excess of everything is bad

We are losing whatever little we had

‘We should not talk’ is what you say

I said, “This is not the way”


Somethings in Life are never planned

So was our association

Whether it should be continued

Is our decision


I just don’t want to be someone

That can be added or deducted whenever you want

It was all because of the happiness we shared

Which I’m searching for in our talks but can’t (find)


I’m not good at talking decisions

Especially when its for a friend,

I try N number of times before saying its The End

I’m still confused what to do

And now its up to You


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