Kuchh Aur

And now as usual that happened which I was afraid of. While writing my previous post, this did come into my mind but I thought that its pointless to mention the names of those who are an integral part of my day. Its like saying ‘I Love My India’ as some things are pretty obvious. But I guess, in this age of terrorism where Indians are helping ‘others’ to kill fellow Indians its necessary to show what you feel for the country. And so it is necessary here as well.
This is not going to be a patriotic post where I would let my feelings out for my country, but it is certainly for those few people of our country who work with me. And may be I take them for granted, that’s why I dint mention the names in my previous post.
So here you go Rana…First of all, Rana is not a guy it’s a girl. We call her Rana cos of her last name, which is surprisingly Rana. It started few months back when we went to McLeod Gunj, that we started referring her as Rana, yaara da tasshan. She is a year and a half old to this ‘corporate’ world. I still remember the darri sehmi Rana of February 2007, jis se meri baat chaar paanch maheene baad shuru hui. And when I started talking to her I realized that our lives are so fucking parallel. She reminded me of my early days in the organization, I was more outgoing but there were a lot of things in common. Every time she would share an event of her life I used to say ‘Yes, it happened to me too….in a slightly different way’. Everyone used to think that wo bolti nahi hai…and hum har kisi ko yahi bolte the…ek din hamare bay me baith kar dekho pata chal jayega. Its been a journey full of ups and down for her (in Hewitt). My Dad once said to me “Rote ko aur rulati hai duniya” and I saw the same thing happening to her. Which I couldn’t take, we used to talk for hours where I used to tell her all those things which I hated her for….for letting people hurt her, for not saying anything to them, for not doing certain things in proper manner etc etc. She is a slow learner but a good one. I smile now when I see her taking ownership of whatever she does. She is often misunderstood, she is often rude, she is sometimes insane, but whatever it is.. she is ready to take the feedback,,, usne chalani apni marzi hi hai wo baat alag hai.
She is the best critic I can ever have, if she is telling me something which I shouldn’t have done,,,,she also have an example for how I should have done it.
Bas ek kharabi hai iss ladki me k gussa bohot jaldi aa jata hai isko…waise gayab bhi jaldi ho hi jata hai….ab tak shayad gayab ho gya hoga…ya thoda kam ho gya hoga.

Aaj khush toh bohot hogi tum???

PS. She is insensitive too …huh…and she is an ‘awesome’ singer 😉

PS 2: I have added Rana as ‘Kuchh Aur’ in my Sametime list thats why the post is titled as Kuchh Aur. When she saw that I have added some of my friends with their nick names in the list she insisted me ‘k uska naam bhi kuchh aur rakhu’ so I did as she said 😀


7 thoughts on “Kuchh Aur

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  2. She should have used if she wanted to. but she didnt that mean she want to say something else. If you are good friend of her please take her to some write consultant(i just forgot the word)

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