Did you ever give it a thought why sometimes you meet someone and feel so comfortable with them, in spite of the fact that its been just a few days/months? I always thought that a Good Friend is someone who has spent the maximum years with me, till the time I had a big fight with my 14 year old friend. I kept thinking of the instances to know why it happened just to realize that she was never comfortable with me. I used to share my secrets with her, but she never did. May be she was not comfortable, may be she doubted me, may be she had no options,  may be she was just a …… or may be I was/am too Dumb. But whatever the reason was, it affected me too much. I started looking at people with different mindset. I was open to talk to anyone. Not that I stopped trusting people. Everyone has a right to get the benefit of doubt and why should others pay for whatever she did to me (or vice-versa may be).
There are people whom you meet and suddenly you feel that you have known the person for so long. There is a special connection between you and the person that you forget about the time you have spent with them. I have two VERY VERY old friends. Divya (whom I know since 3rd standard) and Aditi (who is my friend since 5th). Then came Bharti in 11th, in college I lost touch with all my school friends apart from Aditi (Divya was/is my neighborhood friend) it was in 2006 when we had a reunion and I met few friends from 11th. And then Bharti became one of my good friends. Then came Manjusha and Reena my college friends. I met Manjusha a couple of months back. We both have changed a lot, but I still feel that warmth with her which was there in college. We catch up with ‘what’s happening’ every now-n-then. When I started working I met Yash and then I started realizing that some people are meant to be with you to make you feel comfortable in this mean world. I was a fresher and he used to treat me like a kid sister, though he was younger to me 😛
I made a-few-good-friends in Hewitt. Neha is one of them. We talked almost after 2 years of being in the same process, that too; when forcefully our seats were changed and we were made to sit on the opposite workstations. We used to be in the last shift of 9 pm to 6 am. After few months I came in morning shift as my process changed, and we started talking even longer. She is the one who introduced me to Buddhism. Its strange when all our so called ‘good friends’ have lost touch with us we are still on track. The other one is Anjali, she used to be in my cab for few months. It might be just 2months that we have been in touch, but they were enough to make us feel comfortable with each other. One common factor is that we both talk a lot…I mean A LOT. So whenever we meet, after 2 months or 3 or 5… we make sure that we start from where we left last time.
Then there is Nandita who used to be my quality evaluator. I still remember my last feedback session with her. I found something common in both of us. Infact, she was the first person I talked on the floor apart from the people in my Batch. What made us talk was LSR. We both Love that place. She used to be so quite and now when I see her chirping like a bird I feel so happy for her. And then came IGT in my life, where I tortured people by posting sad poems. Some loved them, some hated them, some of them were confused whether to Love or Hate (my poems:) ). But each day spent there was so delightful. I made some very good friends there too. Who were ready to make me smile whenever I was slumbering in the sadness. Shahrukh (not SRK) was one friend of mine who was always ready with his expert advice, he is a kid psychiatrist 😛 . Though we are miles apart, me in India and he is in UK; the smiles that he used to send were faster than lightening 🙂 . I am still in touch with Ansh, Vini and Vipin. We often meet at CP over a coffee to discuss nonsense happening in life. We never talk sense…aammm…sometimes we do. We pull each other’s leg (still we are not able to make Vini taller 😛 ), fight with each other, give suggestions most them come from Ansh for higher studies 😉 … but we make sure to catch up after every few months.
All this while when I was shifted to a day shift in a different process, I was wondering whether I’ll be accepted in the Team as a part of it. Two years down the line I have made friends here too. Its altogether a different category of friendship, where we fight with each other as if we cant stand each other but the next moment you’ll see us laughing at ourselves. A lot of people tried to create misunderstandings between us, but failed. We are still together. Some people say that you should never have friends at workplace, all I have to say is; why you have to disturb mind when there is a connection at heart. Let It Be… its not everyday that we meet someone and feel really happy that we Thank God for making us meet.
All I wanted to say in this long post is that ‘Life might be short or long, but its very rare that we meet someone, whom we want to share our lives and some secrets with. No one stays forever.,,, some do. Its not about time, its about the connection that you have with the other soul…which doesn’t happen that frequently’.

And now it’s the other phase, Blogging. The Fever is high.

Yeah, its You I’m talking about now. Keep guessing 😉


10 thoughts on “Strange(r)

  1. I was looking for a ‘name’ among names but couldnt find it there. may be the ‘you’ is ‘the’ name 😉 😀

  2. Well hello there buddy! 🙂

    I should say that I am feeling a bit flattered haha .. but yeah still here! detailed reply in your inbox 🙂

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