You do feel cold when its cold…I mean winters. But the ‘cold’ I am talking about can catch you anytime. Like I have been caught since day before yesterday. I am prone to cold, not only winters even in summers I get my nose running like a tap. And the cherry on the cake is that I always forget to carry my handkerchief, cos of which I need to take help of the tissues available in office. They are so harsh that by the end of the day I have my nose red cos of the excess usage of these tissues. It was Shivani who got infected initially in the team, and now its me; soon it’ll spread in others too.


And I’m sure by Monday my condition would be worst, as I know I’m not gonna carry any woolens on Sunday evening/night. I’ll set a reminder to carry two handkerchiefs though 🙂


There was a ‘rude’ reminder which said that I am no more Hot…I guess I am sizzling now 😉 ….


…Well…that’s what happen when you put thanda on something garam 😛





5 thoughts on “Cold

  1. @ Garima & Neelabh: Scientifically, Metals contract with fumes(cessation of expansion). Again, Scientifically, stuff made of live leather expands, say, for like humans. Now you both gotta decide, whether Garima is metal or human 😀

  2. Garima, Please carry your handkerchief as Hewitt cant afford excess usage of tissues. This company is already in a cost cutting mode.

    Kidding :-}

  3. @M Squared – ahem.. I believe myself to be a part of the latter…not sure if Mr.Tiwari consider me as metal though…I believe he does. 🙂

    @Chinmaya – ah!! I know…after all we are the sufferers 😉 .. actually I look for options ‘how can I make this company go Bankrupt’ and excess usage of tissue paper is one of the option 😛

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