Merry Christmas

25-Dec-2008 @ 2.45am

I am down with two rom-coms (Romantic Comedies)…Legally Blonde and 50 First Dates..what a start to my Christmas. I do feel emotional after every romantic movie…so you can guess that i’m out by now…after watching 2 of
Christmas always bring that cozy feeling, and you feel handicapped
when you are so fucking lonely. Both the movies had a little more role
of an animal (pet) which brought back Dino…though only in memories. And
when its late in night, when everyone’s sleeping and you know that
noone’s watching you except Him…you want to put that mask off your
face and confide to Him…letting the tears roll down your cheeks as
fast as they want to and as long as they want to. Every year we used
to celebrate by bringing in the rum cake…which Dino used to love …
we still brought the cake but those two exciting eyes were missing
which used to wait for the turn.
‘Dino talks are my favorite’ is what I mentioned earlier… I have got
into heavy arguements as some people around me dint quite like it and
used to make fun of me (or the talks) and I never gave a damn to
them…I still don’t.
This is first festival without him…

Merry Christmas


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