Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

aka Rab Ne Bana Diya Kodhi (Title suggested by Rana)




Not one of the finest by Yash Raj Productions, but can be tolerated once.

Its really silly to dress up SRK like he is a 20 year old…infact a 20 year old would have a better sense of dressing now. No one wear those electric blue lowers and bright orange t-shirts now. Even if we talk about gays, for God’s sake they also have a taste now, not that I know many; I’m just betting on the basis of recent overflow of the gay movies. In his original avtar in the movie he looks even more abnormal. The way he was dressed up, his chipku haircut, the way he talked, walked and almost everything that he did was so irritating. Apart from the appearances somewhere I found the movie cute. I Loved the Golden Temple and the fact that I would be there tomorrow made me Love it even more. Actress Anushka was ok, and the fact that her hair were almost as lengthy as mine made me think how would I look if I lose ‘some’ kilograms.

What I learnt from the movie is that there is some scope of Love in arrange marriages too. But again reality might be different from screen. You might be doomed. The second thing that caught my attention was the fact that a person might not be what we think him/her to be. Every person has different shades to their personality. One shade might be grey (Surinder) and the other might be orange or electric blue or red or any florescent colour for that matter (Raj). And there might be even more shades if you go on doing a thesis on someone.

The-Anushka-on-bike stunt reminded me of Matrix Reloaded when Trinity rides a Ducati. It was a hold-your-breath scene, perfectly picturised. Since then I wished to ride a bike even if its Yamaha RX100 purani wali. But dint get a chance.

After all that equal-to-God acts Surinder did fall into the ditch of male ego. When Bobby (Thank God I corrected the spelling mistake…LOL) asks him to tell her about the truth and he said that I want to know whom she would go for. I was like ‘What the Hell (???)’. Kahani me koi villain nahi hai toh male ego ko hi villain bana do…kahani interval se pehle hi khatam na ho jaye.

And its absolutely insane to show that a person cannot recognize someone whom he/she is married to just cos he doesn’t have a mustache or doesn’t wear specs. My school friends still recognized me when they saw me after half a decade given the fact that I have put on like 20kgs more than what I used to have in school. But in a country where Rajnikant can break one bullet into two with a razor and kill 2 morons standing in different directions, anything is possible. Ye toh kuchh bhi nahi hai.

Iss movie ki bearish ne mujhe yaad dila dia that its been ages since I have enjoyed rains. Jab baarish hoti thi tab Anushka bahar pahuch jaati thi jaise ki insaan nahi Frog ho.


Bas ab bohot burayi ho gyi movie ki.

All in all, it was a one time watch and SRK ka second avtar ‘Raj…naam toh suna hi hoga’ was a moron. And I pity Anushka, both the options that she had were horrible; but she had no choice.

Rana just suggested one twist in the Climax…Anushka Bobby k sath bhaag jati… 😛 

 PS. One can resemble Suri to Sud (Radio Mirchi wala) during the ending of the movie when Surinder describes his honeymoon in Japan


Edit: I Totally forgot to mention one more thing…which I kept reminding myself of till the time I was planning for this post yesterday. The excess usage of the Word Macho in such a way that it seemed something else. May be it was intentional cos most of the time the next word after ‘Macho’ would start from the letter ‘D’. So if anyone of you have the guts to watch the movie again, do notice it.


6 thoughts on “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

  1. Good review , helps me to decide whether I want to watch it or not. I definitely wanna see the floursecnt dressing theme in the movie. The expectations are high as this was a movie from Aditya Chopra who gave us DDLJ , but great things happen only once.

  2. I don’t know where you are from… but in Mumbai I’m surrounded by 20 year Olds who wear all kinds of crazy stuff… Orange and Bright Blue is a rather decent combination in front of that… 🙂

    And what was irritating for you, the ‘chipku’ part is rather normal in another part of the world…

    Male Ego wala part… that was more of an identity crisis scenario than ego… anywez would give it to you…

    And… About Tanni not being able to recognise Suri… there are some people who have some prominent features which make them instantly recognisable, in the absence of such features it is often difficult to recognise. Secondly, it depends on the person who is trying to recognise… One of my good friends not only was unable to recognise me after a gap of only 3 years, but even after reminding him could not remember… his memory wasn’t good enough!!

    Anywez you write pretty well… like your style.

  3. @MS Ahluwalia – Irrespective of the place you live in, one would be successful in finding people wearing such combinations. But yeah, on an average the percentage of such combinations is not that high around me. Thank God. 😀

    There was something that irritated me. May be it was SRK. And though its normal in other parts of the world I would stick to what I said.

    Identity Crisis may be..I agree he wanted her to be happy but somewhere she was put into a situation where she was suppose to choose one. As if she is an object of experiments.

    Three years means 1095 days buddy…and believe me its not a short period of time..here we are talking about someone you are living with. I still find it strange.

    Thank You 🙂

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