This mail was written for a very good friend who changed the organisation one and a half years back. While surfing through the old mails in the inbox I came across this and thought of posting here….


A word that takes ages to come out of your mouth if its suppose to be said to someone who means a little more to you than others. Why? Why we have to say Bye?

That’s the bitter fact of life, that Good-bye is something that you have to go through no matter what….for all the things around us…living or non-living….

What goes in the heart of someone who is leaving and in the heart of the one who is being left…? Its hard to describe in words, in spite of the fact that we all have faced the situation being at both sides of it.

Remember when you had to say Good-bye for the first time…?? That might be in school to your friends who changed their school or that might be a result of your school change….might be because of your address change…at the farewell from school….or from college….but whatever let it be…the one who leaves always have mixed feelings…feeling sad of leaving something in between and feeling happy for going to get something new…where as the one who is being left always have just one feeling of despair …where you can’t do anything…you want the day to never end so that the moment never comes…on the other end you want the other one to get the experience of something new that’s coming in their way…

Somethings in life are un-avoidable…un-explainable…un-forgettable….yet very important…as they make you learn…they make you grow….as an individual…they enrich your life…so you can’t delete or add anything out of your life…as a good life is a blend of everything in proportion…

Even if you like sweet you can’t put too many spoons of sugar in your tea because it would spoil the taste of tea…similarly, only the sweet moments in your life would not make it worth living…so even though saying Good-bye is bitter it serves as an ingredient in our recipe of life…

^^^^Random thought that just crossed my mind thinking of that word….

the bottom line is that we are afraid of saying Good-bye only to the nice things in our life….thinking that the sweetness of life might go…but we forget….even though the Stars are out of our reach…can’t be touched…seen only for few hours in a day but even then they have a great significance….(remember Pole star is the one which shows directions to sailors in the Sea)….similarly…Sweet people can spread sweetness even when they are not around…well you would come to know about it….so you don’t have to be afraid of saying Good-bye to me :p




4 thoughts on “Good-bye…

  1. This letter is quite fresh in ma mind 🙂 I am one of the very few, who got a chance to read this letter long time back. Are you still in touch with him?

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