No Man’s Land

Among all the definitions that are available on Google the one that’s most suitable to what I want to depict this term as is available on Wikipedia which says, “It is also a term for the stretch of land between two border posts, when one exits one country at their border post and when one enters the next country at their border post, usually just a few metres away”


I don’t know how many of you have got a chance to be close to ‘No Man’s Land’, I got it.


Last Tuesday we (My Team) decided for a trip to Amritsar on the coming weekend (27-28 Dec). And as the trip was not-at-all planned we left all the things to-be-arranged-once-we-reach-there. So while going in the chhuk-chhuk gaadi to Amritsar, Puneet confirmed the contact we were suppose to get in touch with for a cab and for the ‘closer access’ to Wagah Border. After an hour and a half of touching the ground at Amritsar we were sitting at the Wagah Border. We couldn’t have asked for a more clearer view even if it was a month old planned trip.


That place was full of Indians and we could see some firangs too, who must have come to see why is ‘Wagah Border’ so famous. I never felt the level of patriotism in my blood as high before. I could have died of high patriotism pressure in my blood and of excess shouting. The ‘No Man’s Land’ was just 10 steps away from me. And then starts the border of our neighbour country – Pakistan. We could hear the patriots of Pakistan shouting zindabaad for their country. In usual days we don’t shout these slogans for our country but at that place it meant something else. We were shouting too, at the top of our voices for our country. And we wanted our voices to be louder than those across the border.


The atmosphere was so electrifying that we couldn’t think of anything else beyond our country. The more closer you are to the boundary the less bounaries you see within yourself. In usual days we are reminded of being different from each other on the basis of caste, color, religion or xyz, but there all inner boundaries vanished. Though I could not overlook the darker boudary which was between India and Pakistan. Along with those in the Indian Army, there was aggression in each and every one standing there. It was more because of the latest happenings.


Rana later told me that the kid beside us asked his dad, “Hum Pakistan Zindabad kyu nahi bol rahe?”. That made me think, beyond that boundary I’m sure there would be kids too; asking the same question to their parents. As a kid we are born to love, respect and help each other without considering the ‘identity’ of the person. But what happen to us as we grow up? Who teaches us to condemn someone or something just because they follow different rituals, just because they call Him Allah or Jesus or Bhagwan. Why are we (human beings) killing fellow human beings? Is it just because of a larger piece of land? Or because we want our religion to prevail world wide? May be its just another profession these days.


It was one of the moments full of excitement and emotions. Along with the Wagah Border I wanted to see the Golden Temple which I couldn’t because of the jam-packed schedule. It was late in mid-night that we were able to go to the Golden Temple which was covered with dense fog. Though I was a lil sad for not being able to see the Golden Temple to my satisfaction but on the other hand the trip to Wagah Border and the meeting with the True Indian spirit is nothing less than a religious trip.


I just wish that the Wagah Border also vanishes one day. Not only Wagah Border for that matter, each and every border that exists on this Globe and with in individuals that stops us from spreading the Love, Affection and a Helping Hand to others should vanish. Making this world a better and a safe place to live.

 A special Thanks to Puneet again for helping us out. Thank You Puneet 😀


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