Happy New Year

Yet another registered itself in the memory lane.

For some it was good, for some it was bad and some were lucky.. they played safe and came across untouched.

For me it wasn’t too good… I had a major loss which I might not be able to overcome, and would remember this year for the same always.

A lot of people came into my life, a lot of them went away, a lot of people I lost touch with and there are some with whom I would be giving Time a brand new chance to make everybody’s life happier, healthier and more peaceful.

 So here is Garry (the one who thinks she roolz 😉 ) wishing all you Lovely people a Very Happy New Year… May this year brings a lot of happiness in your life, make you more n more richer in terms of money, respect and smiles. May you overcome all the problems in your personal and professional life. And if you are someone who want to lose weight just like me….hope this year would bring that change too 🙂


All in all….enjoy and Keep Rocking Babyy


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