Quite different from the usual stories floating around. Ghajini provides you ample reasons to stay till the end in the theatre. Good Story, suspense, romance (a lil bit of it), action & acting. Again one can vouch for an Amazing show by Aamir Khan. He looked extremely charming and extremely dangerous, in the same movie with different shades.

The romantic angle of the movie was really cute and Asin did full justice to the role, though it was really hard to believe if someone as nice as her character in the movie still exists. But I know the answer is Yes, the numbers might be low though.

While I was watching the movie I had this thought in mind that there’s yet another movie encouraging you to ignore the wrongs happening around you, may be movies are one reason because of which sometimes we avoid listening to our gut feeling. As movies are influenced by the real life scenarios and some incidents happening in the world around are influenced by the movies.

Coming back to Ghajini and not blabbering too much ‘gyan’, the songs were not one of the best records of Rehman but fits in the mood. I liked the background music that supported the Angry-not-so-young-Aamir.

The movie takes you on a ride of a very important Phase of a young ambitious lad, who had big-bigger-biggest dreams, he was fulfilling them too, he fell in Love too, his life was going just on the right track when everything fallen apart and one incident pushed it on to the wrong track. He was able to portray the Anger and the Helplessness of the character to perfection. And Van Heusen dressed the civilized Aamir very neatly. And this is the second movie consecutively which connected to Sud, he had a chhotu sa role.


All in all a nice watch…and I agree with all those who believe that the fate of this movie would have been different if Aamir was not there.


4 thoughts on “Ghajini

  1. Stop Blabbering……The movie would have been any ordinary Sunny Deol movie had Aamir not boasted so much about his 8 packs and ugly hairstyle…Movie’s hit but its not the best….

  2. @Vivek Chaudhary – Thank You for providing your opinion in such kind words. You have the right to disagree to the post as I have the right to blabber on my Blog 🙂

    PS. Where did I mention that it was one of the Best movies??

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