10 Things

These are the 10 things I wanna do before I die:

 Meet someone to apologize

1) Die slim..kandha dene wale gaaliyaan na de :p

2) Learn an instrument & dance

3) Quit this 8 and a half hour job and do something else where I can put my thoughts in

4) Find Love

5) Buy a Pajero

6) Get drunk and total talli

7) Get Dino again in my life

8) Get tattoos on my body

9) Visit Leh-Ladakh

10) Last but not the least …. Become famous 🙂

Updated…Based on the new upcomings of life.


5 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. @Neelabh – Hum zada sochte nahi hain….dimag ko thoda aaraam dena chahiye 😉

    @Promod – I hate trignometry but seems that i can’t escape it….here emerges yet another triangle 😛

  2. Amen! I for an eye. I am sure you will do those ten things and more before you die.

    The comments from your readers are interesting…Trignometry…hahaha…ek phool do maali…hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. @M Squared – I hope so. There a lot many waiting some of these to get done so that they can take entry in the list 🙂

    and yeah… there is no maali and no phool…only fools 😦 😛

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