No Time For Love

Well…on the contrary I do have time but no one to love. And when you
are stuck in such circumstances its lethal when your parents think
that you are at a proper stage of getting married. You know what I’m
getting towards…don’t you? And if the answer is no, then it means
that you are among those lucky people whose parents are not after your
life to get married. The situation become worst if one of your
siblings recently got married. Suddenly the hidden desires of
relatives and friends become even more stronger…desire to see you
married. Every damn conversation that you have with relatives and
friends starts with “when are you getting married?” to this I keep
quite to my relatives but to friends I bounce back with a question
“are grooms on sale somewhere?”
So by now you must have figured out how pissed I am. Frustration grow
even more stronger when you are supposed to meet the ‘prospective
groom’… the situation is highly frustrating with a tadka of
embarrassment. And the funniest part is when parents say “let us leave
them alone, so that they can talk”… in this situation you would be in a fix weather to laugh in embarrassment or to shout back to those who have put you in the situation. And then you are expected to say ‘yes or no’ based on
that short conversation with the person. Marriage being one of the important aspect of your life, you would want to know the person well enough to say yes. But it seems to be a gamble here. And then starts the 24*7 torture. Every other person around you would want to give advice to ‘talk like this’, ‘walk like that’, ‘smile less, blush more’, ‘talk less, listen more’, ‘sit like this’, ‘don’t look at them frequently’ etc etc etc…the crux is – you are being advised to fake yourself to suit the requirements of the other.
I don’t know where this kind of association would head towards, which starts from hiding things and portraying the best part in you.


Edit: This Marks my 75th post.


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