So it’s a game…which we have recently started playing in our Fun Fridays. What needs to be done is…make chits as per the number of people playing the game. We keep all chits blank except 2, one would be for the Killer and the other for Inspector. So we mention both the words on those 2 chits. the one who gets Killer written in the chit would start killing other in the game by winking, in such a way that they are not caught by the inspector (though sometimes tragedy happens when killer winks at the inspector). The one who has been ‘winked’ would say ‘I’m dead’. So inspector ki toh lag jati hai.

We turn by turn trained Rohit on the game, but he was confused even after 4games, in the next turn I took my chit and saw something written on it. The very next moment I was ‘killing’ others. Rohit as usual was confused…Big Time. After a while, when 4 wickets were down; he gathered the courage to confirm once more “Killer hi aankh maarta hai na?” and everyone shouted in chorus “Nahi…Inspector” as by the time everyone was tired of explaining the game to him. Venu, who was sitting next to me announced, “I know who is the Killer and I’m not going to look at my left direction now”. He was sitting on my right direction. Rohit’s confused face confirmed that he is the Inspector, so I made sure that I don’t wink at him. When the game was about to end, when everyone was laughing at the Inspector saying that he is a Hawaldaar he tired to confirm again with Nitin; whether it’s the Killer who winks. And by the time Nitin could explain everybody else was ‘dead’ apart from me and Rohit. In the middle of all the laughter when Nitin confirmed “Yes, it’s the Killer who winks and kill”, Rohit asked said,” Par Killer toh mai hoon”. There was a pin drop silence for a moment as I was trying to confirm what was written on my chit. Again the laughter session started inaugurated by me when I saw that my chit had the word Inspector written on it. Unfortunately I was out irrespective of the fact that for the first time someone ‘killed’ everyone with the blank chit. Toh kya hua agar mai Inspector thi toh? Toh kya hua agar mere jassi jaise specs ne mera saath nahi dia toh? I tried to convince them, but it only lead to another laughter session and I was declared out.

*phew* unintentionally but the true spirit of aajkal ka policewalahs did come into existence 😛



2 thoughts on “Killer

  1. Ha ha ha! Yupp ! I remember this game! We used to play it a lot in my childhood days! And the biggest tragedy for me was — I didn’t know how to wink back then! I mean I knew theoretically, but I simply couldn’t manage to give a clear wink with one eye, without disturbing the other eye too in the process! Hey u know what! I just tried to wink right now… & realized to my utter dismay I still can’t do it! Haaan!

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