A ‘Blessed’ Day

More of a Fucked up day. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I was busy arranging for the investment proofs to submit in the office to save on taxes. As if I invested anything anywhere…all I could show was rent receipts.

So by 5 in the evening I was done, went to the 5th floor for the submission where I saw Daba peacefully sitting and working on his workstation. The reply I got to my ‘Hi’ was “If you are here for investment proof submission then I’m not your friend”. I thought that he is out of his mind, what kind of reply was that? Soon I was informed that the deadline for investment proof has gone, Monday was the deadline for any claim reimbursements. Thanks to the 2 mails from the department with 2 different dates as deadlines for 2 totally different things. Me being as busy as Obama these days just glanced through the mails, thinking that my PA would do the needful. But alas I had to pay the heavy bill. This could have saved around 5000 bucks for me. Which I could have spent on something that I have been waiting for…a short trip…an iPod… these two things are on the top of the never ending list right now.

Then as a cherry on the cake my cellphone was running short of oxygen… searched for a charger…. some dint get it, some dint have it and some were too shy to enquire about it from the surroundings. As a result of which my phone went into coma for 2hrs.

This wasn’t enough…after this I had a mock interview with my manager, for which I was not prepared at all.

And if you think that this is it…wait.. did I tell you that my nose was running like a tap all day long and that I was coughing and sneezing throughout and that I had a lil temperature too??

I promised myself that I’m not gonna tell my parents about the first incident, intelligent people know what happens after that… if you still have a doubt check your IQ level.


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